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What's your main source of income?
How do you make most of your money in the game? e.g. battling, selling items...
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Definitely battling at this point. Used to be a combination of battling AND selling dinos, but now that not many people play, it's just battling, through and through.

Of course, playing games does help somewhat, but the dinos are the #1 source of income.
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Oh, well...I guess this goes for everyone (me included) who still goes on here. xD
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I mostly get it through battling, though when the site was more active i got money through seeling event items, breeding barosaurus and setting up hunting herds.

I'm planning to maybe to get more deinonychus to breed and sell, but with the fewer people I'm not entirely sure how many people would be interested.
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I usually just recycle meat I getfrom my herbivores since I don't have many dinos to battle with. But yeah, battling give a pretty steady income
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Mostly through battles and recycling random stuff I find. I keep most of the dinos I breed, so dino sales are useless to me.
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Post: #315626
Used to make quite a bit from selling the Ice creams and Sandwiches, Nowadays it's battling though.
Post: #315627
Battling, once you get the bite move you basically roll in cash, I make over 300,000 every day without battling all my dinos

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What's recycling on here and how do you do it? I need some way to make money, and I don't battle, lol.
Edit: Never mind, I found it. Thanks to this thread, I won't run out of money! :D
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