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Herbie Hunting List [distributed]
List is up and running!
Click here~
Note: List isn't finished.
Note 2: Let me know if the list/site breaks.

My previous hunting topic got deleted, so here's topic version 2. xD I've been dusting this project for a while now (after having buried this for 5+ months), and it seems I'm still far from completing the list.

A recap of what this project is about:
A lot of people don't like to hunt with their carnivores because they often don't know what kinds of herbivores their packs can take down. By making a list, I hope to solve this confusion so that more players are inclined to try out and use the hunting aspect of EX.

See, for a pack to show up in the dropdown, you need a certain amount of members in that pack. My intention is to find out how many individuals you need when all dinos have 0 skill points in Hunting Prowess.

Advantages to hunting:
- Meat: When a pack has been successful in its hunt, meat of the hunted herbivore individual will show up in the player's inventory.
- Exp gain: In a successful hunt, each adult in the pack gains a certain amount of experience (which is the same for every member).

Tips for successful hunts:
- Best choice of Alpha personality: Spiteful, Loud, Bold, Aggressive, Assertive.
- Worst choice of Alpha personality: Submissive, Tense, Timid, Insecure, Hesitant.
- The more skill points assigned to Hunting Prowess, the better. Not only will hunting success increase, but your pack will be able to hunt bigger prey.

- The pack members' genders don't matter in a hunt. An all-female pack is the same as a mixed-gendered pack.
- It doesn't matter how big a herd is, nor how many bulls, calves or cows are in it. A herd of 20 Baro bulls is the same as a herd of 1 Baro calf.

Thanks in advance! ^^
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I have a couple of Acros you can borrow. They're currently 13 and have no hunting prowess.
Post: #291929
Thank you so much for putting this together! Very useful. I wonder if there's an easy way to categorize them, though...
Post: #291990
How would you have me categorize them? They're already by herbivore/carnivore category and in alphabetic order. I can't put more info because of how I use the spreadsheet (click for example). :s
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Oh, sorry, I really didn't express myself clearly there... I meant I was wondering how hard it would be for me to separate the herbies into tiers based on how easy/hard they are to take down, for personal use. ^_^;;
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With your permission, I would like to help you with your hunting list. I believe the list would be completed a lot sooner, and it would be easier on you.

Thank you for doing this list! I find this very information and very helpful. Especially to new and inexperienced hunters including myself.
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Never mind; I just saw the link. XD

Hullo! I know this is an old-ish thread, but I was wondering if you could perhaps upload your spreadsheet onto Google Docs. I frankly don't understand hunting /at all/, so it would be incredibly useful for me (I have a buuuunch of species and packs.

Thank you in advance! :)
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