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Shop Owner Names - For Errands
I took an errand, then took forever to figure out who I was supposed to take my stuff to, and where they were, so I made this handy list of all of the shops and the shop owners. Please let me know if I forgot anyone!

Food Store - Aphrodite
Health Store - Max
Collectables Store - Tim
Prehistoric Fish Store - Brian
Enrichment Items Store - Kalley
Recycling Center - Sally
Equippables Store - Fabio
Overlay Store - Macy
Background Store - Kyle
Trading Card Store - Becky
Book Store - Lyra
Clothes Store - Jenny
Hairdresser - Lucas
Vet Store - Dr. Emerson
Sparkle Store - Isaac
Emmer's (#24618) Alternate Account
Post: #306019
I just tried an errand because I'm low on cash and desperate. I had to buy 2 legs of wilderbeast and take them to Tim. Easy enough, I thought, until I tried to deliver them. Then I got a message saying that hint: you have to buy them first.
Trouble is I have bought them! So now I'm another $6000 down. I want to cry. Why is it so hard to get money?
That doesn't look very scary, more like a six foot turkey.
Post: #306020
Never mind....I've done it now! ;)
That doesn't look very scary, more like a six foot turkey.
Post: #313932
Where is the collectables store? I can't find it on the map.
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