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Double Posting and Correct Boards
There has been a great increase in double posting and topics not int he right places lately, so this topic is to address that.

What is double posting?

Double posting is when you reply to a topic and then make another reply straight after that one. Sadly, more often than not, there will be many more than just two posts in a row and has been as high as five or even more.
Since all members are now able to edit their posts on the forum (when it use to be only upgraded), there is no need for any one to double post at all. Please edit your first/previous post if you have more you would like to say or wait until someone else has posted before you make another comment.

If you are wanting to 'bump' your topic, use the handy 'Bump!' button at the bottom where you post a reply, so there is no need to make duplicate posts to bump your topic either.

AND REMEMBER: DO NOT REFRESH directly after making a post. It will cause you to double post! You can click the topic title at the top of the page above the topic to refresh it.

Oh no, I double posted by mistake! What do I do?!
Don't worry, if you double post in error we are not going to jump on you or smack you with a rolled up news paper, just let one of the mods know and we will delete the extra post(s) for you. We will only contact you if we have to clean up after you lots and lots of times to the point it gives us the impression you are doing it on purpose. There has not been a case where we have had to give anyone in to serious trouble for this yet, lets keep it that way :D

Where do I post my topic?
There has also been an increase of topics going in the incorrect category. Please be more careful of this and be sure your topic is int he right place. For example, a topic about selling your dinosaurs would go in the 'Dinosaur Sales' category, however a topic about selling items would go in 'Advertisements'

If in doubt, feel free to ask a mod :D if you want a quick reply you come on the chat and there is usually at least one mod always present. The players there can even help you out too!

Following the above will keep our boards neat, tidy and more easy for everyone to find and read your topics~!

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Well said
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I gotta admit....I kinda do the same.
Thanks for posting this it'll help me.

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I've noticed that if you refresh the page after posting in a topic, the post is posted again.

However, agreed.
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That's because you are submitting the action again when you refresh. So don't refresh after you have made a post :D

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