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PinkDinos's Collectables Shelf

What do I have completed?

Nothing (Hopefully Halloween, soon.)
What am I trying to collect?

I'm trying to collect EVERYTHING.
I'm in search of a Halloween Plushie, so if you know where I can get one,please tell me. :3

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Acrocanthosaurus Plushie
Albertosaurus Plushie
Allosaurus Plushie
Anchiornis Plushie
Archaeopteryx Plushie
Atrociraptor Plushie
Balaur Plushie
Bambiraptor Plushie
Baryonyx Plushie
Buitreraptor Plushie
Carnotaurus Plushie
Coelophysis Plushie
Compsognathus Plushie
Deinonychus Plushie
Dilophosaurus Plushie
Dimetrodon Plushie
Dino Figures
Eoraptor Plushie
Female Phorusrhacos Plushie
Footprint Fossil
Graciliraptor Plushie
Guanlong Plushie
Herrerasaurus Plushie
ILU Plushie
JP Dilophosaurus Plushie
Linheraptor Plushie
Male Phorusrhacos Plushie
Megaraptor Plushie
Microraptor Plushie
My Dinosaur Fossil I
My Dinosaur Fossil II
My Dinosaur Fossil III
Neuquenraptor Plushie
Oviraptor Plushie
Pyroraptor Plushie
Sinornithosaurus Plushie
Sinosauropteryx Plushie
Spinosaurus Plushie
Troodon Plushie
Tyrannosaurus Rex Plushie
Utahraptor Plushie
Velociraptor Plushie