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Fulfil all your roleplaying fantasies here.

Nightling woke up in the small hollow that she'd been sleeping in... Snow was thick where she was and she had the appropriate layer of fat... A deer with one antler in the middle of it's head a unicorn walked right past her and she pounced on it making the kill easily before gorging herself she was far north... A flash back of her mother's new mate driving her off hit her... Nightling started heading south where she knew it was more hospitable... She'd eaten the entire carcass and was beyond bloated she waddled along on all fours. Nightling wanted a mate and she was looking for it...
Ivo rested on his hoard of books, inside his cliff dwelling. It wasn't too bad of a space, big enough for at least two to sleep in. He had been guarding his large hoard for a while, not in the mood for food or to go for a quick fly out in the open air. He gave a light yawn, wondering if he would even dare go out. He wasn't hungry and didn't see the need to go out. He fluttered his wings and huddled into his hoard of books and belongings, huffing. Yeah, more like nap time, because heck why not.

Nightling had actually found a village shades like her everywhere and the chieftan was watching her. She wasn't staying... He said "Wyveren has books you can stay if you bring us the books..." "Not stealing from something at least three times my size." Nightling was only about fifteen feet long most of it tail with a twenty foot wingspan. She was not stupid and this place was such dense forest she couldn't see the sky... She was better off higher up the mountain. Nightling carried no possessions... One of the villagers came up to the chieftain and said "My lord she looks like the goddess Celestia... We do need a priestess..." The chieftan was a rich green in color and looked Nightling up and down. "Who said we needed a priestess?" "The village she drakes..." He turned to Nightling and said "Tell me female are you a priestess?" "No... I need to be going..." Nightling used magic to turn invisible and slink off... Worked fine until she hit a snow drift but the message it sent was clear... Leave me alone. Nightling went further up the mountain and found a cave it was empty and the night sky was clear... There was a perfectly round pool of water and Nightling stared down into it... A vision came to her of a far off place... Ships of shades that would offer her passage... A land of great drake villages, soft shimmering silks, and a place where the gods were strong... Drake kind had a common tongue so Nightling knew where she needed to go... She saw the image of a wyveren with books brown in color on the shores of where she was going...

It took Nightling a few days flight to reach there and the ship was there. She was granted passage assuming she would scry the weather... She forsaw clear skies and favorable winds... And that was what happened. [Nightling isn't even on the same continent right now...]

Nightling arrived on the other continent it was still bitter cold and she had a long way to go. [she's in Russia headed for Japan my posts are also way before everyone else. Time gap.]

Days and gradually weeks passed before she arrived at her next ship... Another day and she arrived... She was greeted by a black kitsune with white flecks on her fur and silver eyes. "So we meet at last... I forsaw your arrival... I am Tsuki..." "Nightling... What are you?" "Kitsune we predate the wipe out of the humans..." A fully nine fluffy tails were there... The kitsune jumped on Nightling's back and spoke of the rise and fall of gods... "The gods of man died with them... Now the dragon gods reign... I serve Celestia..." "Someone said they wanted to make me a priestess for her..." The kitsune said "Are you not considering it?" "I do not know... Don't I need a mate for that?" "You can find one as a priestess but it is not required..." The pair of them talked for a while arriving at some cliffs and Nightling smelled a wyveren up there... She wondered if they could ask to stay the night a storm was blowing in... [all caught up]

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The male wyvern soon woke from his peaceful nap, stretching his long body out. Ivo seemed to preen himself, working his wings first then to his other parts. It never took him long. A deep breathe came from him as he looked towards the entrance to his cave. stretching out his wings and took a swift run. And out he was. His wings instinctively began to flap as he took a circling lap, his emerald eyes scanning the ground below to find a decent meal from him. He didn't even notice the incoming storm clouds or the newcomers. Ivo flickered his red barbed tail, banking to the left towards a flock of sea birds that decided to flee. It didn't bother him much as he continued to look for food.

Nightling could hear the stirring above... And saw another shade about a quarter larger than her and black with golden flecks across his hide... Had a sling of human books with him and looked up. "He used to be a warrior wyveren... My village needs some protection while we build a temple... Most drakes are not fans of the goddesses... But this is the perfect place to do it... Close to the coast, good rich soil, and the night sky is beautiful... Other villages do not want the goddesses worshipped at all... The wyveren likes human books and we uncovered an entire library of them recently..." Nightling absorbed the information. The male shade went up and made his offer... Nightling waited below...
Ivo snapped his jaws around a stray sea bird, easily swallowing it whole. It was just a mere snack for him. He continued to chase after the flock, licking his chops in thought of food. The male wyvern darted across the sky, zooming left and right, getting one bird after another. After about the 15th bird, he seemed to satisfy himself. He glanced up and finally saw the black shade with books. Making him turn and head for his cave. Ah yes, books!, he thought. He softly landed on the decently sized outcrop of his home, curiously watching and waiting.
Nightling heard the entire offer. A simple agreement the books for a guard during construction of a temples three of them One made of laquored wood for Flora, sandstone studded with pearls and aquamarine for Marina, and a well constructed stone building with no actual roof for Celestia... The snow was still on the ground even here. Construction would begin in spring... The temples would bring at least the more religious drakes from far and wide to worship... Nightling had a familiar face... Her grandmother in front of her or so she thought... Nightling's markings were glowing and there was a spectral image of an identical female shade dressed in silks and jewels, the scents of moon flowers wafting on the wind up to the higher lair... She was being filled with knowledge... Nightling felt the thud of landing and stopped glowing. She looked around and saw the other shade sticking his head over the edge eyes wide... He turned to the wyveren and said "She's blessed! We found a just perfect priestess." He was quivering with excitement and getting somewhat insistant on the topic of a guard...
Ivo turned his head to the dark shade, listening in to the offer. But he had to decline. the warrior ways were not his ideal of living and he much preferred to stay in his bed. "Listen..I'm sorry but I have to decline. That is not my ideal of living..As a guard..I'd much prefer to be in my own library of books. Or in a place of knowledge..My bloodlines may suggestion may suggest how my kind has survived in terms of services, but i do not follow that path way.." He didnt mean to burst the male shade's bubble, but again it was not his type of lifestyle....He glanced to Nightling, his barbed tail curiously flickering..A priestess, huh? Well she did seem interesting, and he had considered having a mate for sometime, but he wasn't too sure.He eyed the books the male shade had, shifting his feet to get comfortable.
Nightling looked up and saw the other shade looking dissapointed. He commented that he would simply be gaining more books in exchange for his services. "It's a means of payment." the other shade looked at Nightling and then the wyveren. "She is out of your size range... I'm in the upper edge myself... Most shades are too small for wyverens... But if you aren't interested these books were payment for hearing me out..." The shade hopped down and gestured to Nightling... "I have a den closer to the village... Come on it's warm and I can light a fire..." Nightling looked up and wondered if the wyveren was just a marker to tell her she was in the right place... "I never got either of your names..." She yelled up "I'm Nightling, I guess I'll see you around..." The other shade said "Solaris here... The spot on my chest looks like the sun according to my mother... Fire light, shadow, and earth mix myself..." The wind picked up and Nightling went down into this stranger's den. He forfitted his nest of leaves and lit a fire in the pit. Neither of them had anything to say... Nightling was considering taking up the mantle of priestess... Solaris was thinking about how to solve the problem of finding a guard...
Ivo gently sighed. Good luck for that. He quickly switched his mind to the books, rather deciding on his response to the guard offer. He was of course running low on currency, and he wouldn't dare sell off his collection of human artifacts. He listened in to the two shades, having caught something about names. He went to answer but he was pretty sure neither herd him. "Ivo..Ivo is my name.." He shook his head and turned to head back into his lair, his barbed tail thraashing irritatedly. Who says he couldn't have a Shade as a mate? Yes he might be quite large for his species, but he was not going to take it from some other male, especially a shade male. Like what, was that male going to ask that female shade (Nightling) to be his mate? Doubtful, but again he didn't understand shades. He never seemed to get them. Wih a snort, he curled into a ball, folding his wings around him. He would sleep on his decision before going to seek the shades.

Nightling woke up to a still sleeping Solaris... Shades had a stricter size limits than most drakes when it came to mates... The storm had cleared and Nightling wanted a winter fruit. A gift to Thundar from Flora. Anomalies in nature were often written off as gifts from one god to another. It was a snow plum tree she found. Nightling saw the pale sweet plumbs and saw winter berries... Both of these fruits seeds that had to freeze and be heated to warm blooded animal temprature and frozen again to germate. Nightling ate her fill and drank from a cold clear stream before going back to see Solaris waking up. A lung female blue in color adorned in pearls a gift from Celestia to Marina, and aquamarine a gift from Draco to Marina. Most gemstones were a gift from Draco... Nightling got the name Aqua from her... "Did you get us a guard?" "No Aqua... He declined the offer... I gave him the books I brought as a thank you for listening to me at all." Nightling said "Why not spread the word among devotees and see if as an act of faith they might be willing?" Aqua said "A new priestess to Celestia?" Solaris said "Better than that. She has visions..." That got a stare. "What? With her around we may not need a guard... We have to tailor silk garb and bells to her at once and get her a round bowl... She even has a kitsune companion like I do." Sure enough there was a sandy kitsune with ocean blue eyes sitting on the lung's spineless back behind the short mane. Nightling said "A mark of being a priest or priestess is to have one of these little guys with us?" "They only show up if they think you will serve their patron..."

Aqua didn't give Nightling a say when she found out Nightling had the sight... Seers were prized regardless of their patron. It was one of the few times a worshipper of Thundar a zealot at that would associate even bend to the whim of a worshipper of another god... Scry methods varied from mirrors, to reflecting bowls, to crystals and crystal balls... Nightling worshipped all the gods but Celestia had always been her preferred goddess... She was taken to a drake made stone dwelling with a large central room with a reflecting pond, a side room with a hidden hot spring, another with blank drake books scrolls and pens and the oils of various flowers and herbs... and finally a bedroom being fitted with a silk cushion with a thick leather padding to resist claws. She was also given a simple black sheer silk garb with silver stars stitched into it in actual constelations. The effect with her hide was a swirling cosmos. Nightling sat on a cushion in front of the water and stared down... Figures and images swirled in the open air. This room had no roof and there were beds indicating flowers would be grown or possibly herbs... Tsuki sat on a smaller cushion beside her and stared into the water a wyveren appeared seeking council... A blade instead of a poison barb upon his tail. He posed a threat to the temples... Thundar his patron was not the chief god and his followers were often unruly... Nightling saw a crystal ball and scry mirror in the other room and checked them for anything else...
The young male Passu quietly kept to himself in his own little kiosk, a broom at his claws. He swept away pesky dust bunnies out of the corners of his small building, preparing for the day of trying to get a few sales in of herbs and trinkets. Normally he wouldn't be up for it but today he had to make some money to feed himself. Ah, isn't society nice to live in.
The lavendar scales of the free caring female lung dashed from here and there in an open field f blue sky, no clouds, no bad weather to ruin the day. She had thought about stopping by the temple to do a few offerings to her favorite gods and goddesses, but soon realized that she could do that later, rather amusing herself with a few light blue flowers she had picked for herself. The lung couldn't help but think of offerings for the gods, flowers, food, coin. Oh who knows maybe she should make a big old feast at her home and celebrate there. She always loved having big gatherings at her home.

A new world order
We all start in our own little worlds from territories of packs and loners to settled villages even nomads.

Humanity has fallen climate change wiped them out... The climate over time after the humans stabilized and new species emerged the creatures of human myth and legend... Some the rarest of the rare can take a human form... It is rumored that humanity lingers but now dragons rule the earth... They call themselves drake kind. Many of earth's most resiliant species survived and adapted to the rapid climate change only to slip back to their old forms as the climate returned. Dragons are the most varied race... They come in several forms but can interbreed with anyone within their size range. Villages are rare, more savage packs are much more common but some are loners by choice. Normally this is determined by general size.

Shades arcane masters smaller in size and possessing opposable thumbs and retractable front claws in most cases most are able to stand on their hind legs and in a village are more likely to be crafts drakes. also more inclined to be omnivorous by choice though all of drake kind are omnivorous. 

Dragons the standard classical western dragon

Lung a more marine creature taking the classical asian dragon build some do have wings but most of those that do have wings so small as to just funtion as a pair of fins normally much longer than they are tall but some exceptions do exist

Wyverens two legs two wings massive.


Fae drakes tiny with insect wings they thrum with power and the young can't use their powers at all until they can control it or their lives are at stake... The record holder for largeness was the size of a contemporaryu siberian tiger so compared to other drakes they are very small in size...


The gods are as follows

Marina goddess of the sea and protector of travelers.

Celestia goddess of the sky, knowledge, the hunt, love, fertility, chicks, and mothers.

 Flora goddess of the earth, plant life, and agriculture.

 Thundar god of storms, the wind, and war.

 Draco the king of the gods and god of fire, metal, and fathers...

Current gods in the making: Gedet as god of death and entrophy but he has compettion. Grace goddess of winter and possibly beauty. Other seasonal gods/goddesses are still open as are gods/goddesses of the arts.



standard EX rp rules

Oc characters (characters who have no master) can be killed without permission actual characters only with permission fights cannot even be started without both role players agreeing to it.

We might add humans to it but they are again extremely rare.

You must make at least one drake character.

try to post at least once a week that isn't asking a lot if you can't or just don't feel like it let the rest of us know in the OC

drake kind are typically monogamous so keep that in mind for romance.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Fae drake
Misc creature specify

Second RP Master
ButlerGrelleh (#30723)

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