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Fulfil all your roleplaying fantasies here.

Alex had a busy day ahead of her training someone's unruly plow horses. It was spring in the big mitten and Alex realized that these horses had not been gelded... She placed a phone call and got permission and would be compensated for having them neutered... So the next phone call was to the veterinarian an older man she just called Doc... He had cattle to check so he wouldn't be out until the next day... She had to keep those two stallions isolated for at least a month after they were gelded might still have one last shot in them so to speak... So needless to say she had her hands full... At least her mare Honey was easy to deal with... She was out in the pasture grazing... Dear God she needed to find a boyfriend or she might die alone...
It is spring right now a new president reigns over the land and life goes on...

Alex had the vet gelding those two horses. She knew that motorized farm tools produced an unpleasant smell so they were not favored meaning horses were at present considered a better choice outside of emergency vehicles and things no horse could move... There were those jerks who still used motorized vehicles despite how bad it smelled... Honey was in the pasture grazing... Alex had work to do and she couldn't attend to her horse... She didn't know who was the president and she didn't care as long as it wasn't an idiot in chief...

It took a strong constitution to watch a gelding but Alex watched it... The details are too graphic to post here but the vet moved fast and found nothing wrong... He finished the job and the drugged horses got to their feet... Alex paid the vet and filed the expenses onto the training costs... With most horses any stallion that couldn't focus on his job was often gelded, any stallion who did not conform to his breed's standards and was not in the creation of a new breed was gelded... It was selective breeding and an important part of Alex's life...

A little known fact about Alex she loved poetry... She was sitting after a hard day training horses... Alex was drinking tea to relax... Someone had dropped a completely untrained arabian filly or mare she did not know. She had just found it in her pasture with a note that she was a gift and the paperwork to transfer legal ownership... Alex liked the simple name Rin it meant dignified and this was a dignified animal unlike Honey she was elegant in her motions and much quicker but still a gracious and humble animal who liked a pet or a treat just as much as Honey did... The two also got along well... The size difference left dominance as a settled matter and both were gentle calm animals with more than enough food to eat and water to drink... That pair of geldings were the ones giving her a hard time... They were stubborn Alex was attempting to discipline them... She had to use a twitch to just handle them... Grabbing them by the lip with a device to establish control over the animal... Alex was listening to a radio program that gave her poetry... The soulful and thought provoking words were a balm for her fatigue...

Dragon planet
We all start in the US but some may travel to other parts of the world. The US is a democracy here and a technological powerhouse with futuristic technology often found in the cities. Most dragons prefer lower tech however in the rural areas.

We are all dragon shapeshifters here all of us possess a human and a dragon form some are more solitary than others often depending on what part of the world they hail from. Gender ratios are also dependant on region of descent

Asia: The classic Lung dragons flightless but extremely good swimmers. Often known to be gregarious females outnumber males often resulting in a harem system of marriage.

Native Americas: Largely solitary or seen in pairs and small tribes the classic feathered serpent but known to form lasting pairs. Also native to Egypt with an even gender ratio

Europe and Russia: The classical dragon and the most varied. Dragons from Europe range in behavior from highly aggressive to gregarious and friendly. European dragons are often found in tribes and clans or as lone individuals. In colder climates they have a layer of fat even on the wing membranes to keep warm. Males slightly outnumber females

Africa: The Wyveren and the wingless drake... These dragons like European and native American dragons are often found in either small tribes and clans or as lone individuals an even gender ratio

USA: Other than the natives any sort of dragon is often found here for that reason the RP takes place in the states... Some live in large cities others small towns. Some off the grid entirely

Make your own history heck someone could be the president. But just one president people...

Standard PG 13 rp rules apply but other than that go nuts.

No killing players without permission

try to post once a week if not please give your reason in the OOC on return 'I didn't feel like it' is an acceptable excuse

There are ocs people like friends, family, lovers, and random strangers these can be killed off but I am pretty sure the law prohibits murder outside of dragon law which allows fighting over lovers AKA mates... But there is a legal process that must be carried out where both parties consent to the fight.

Females are plainer than males as a general rule but it is not unheard of for a female dragon to be brightly colored.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Hybrid (be specific)
Native Americas

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