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Fulfil all your roleplaying fantasies here.


Rumos didn't know what to think. His mind was a blur as far as one could tell, his movements spontaneous and confused. He'd been hunting farther than he'd like to normally stray from his territory, and now he found himself on one edge of the 'island' while his home was on the other.

A chagrin plastered against his face, he flared his nostrils. He wasn't happy.

Sighing, he looked around. With a moderate amount of foliage to provide shade from the heat, he had to continue. It was best to develop a routine before any more disastrous events occurred. He'd hate to find himself starving and dehydrated in the middle of the drylands if he were to ever stray far enough.

So Rumos began his small exploit towards the heart of the forest. Whether he encountered was good or bad was up to how generous mother nature was feeling as this sobered day.

Uncanny Feats

You're 'trapped' on a rather luxurious island. No, there's no margaritas or fancy huts to be found, as this is after all the cretaceousテつperiod. Rather, it's dense with foliage and vegetation, perfect for herbivores. The 'island' is vast, roughly the size of Los Angeles. Despite some areas are seemingly lush with herbivores and vegetational matter, there are other locations which are not. Unfortunately, those are called the 'drylands'. You might be able to find your occasional prey here and thereテつbut is very unlikely.

A devastating earthquake rocked the land, separating friends and foes from one another. Fortunately, youテつmanaged to survive. All good things must come to an end, however. Wherever you tread, danger lurks around every corner. Whether it's due to predators, lack of food, or that you're caged on a 'makeshift' island thanks to the earthquake with no visible escape, it's up to you to either make friends, foes or survive.

So before I begin discussing the rules, I just want everyone to know that this is supposed to be fun! Experiment with your writing style, meet new players, and overall have a good time! I love doing dinosaur-based roleplays so I hope everyone is as enthusiastic about it as I am :D


As I have a passion for drawing, I will likely draw characters in this roleplay for fun if given permission!


- Remember to follow Exhibited's guidelines both roleplay and ooc!


- You may create as many characters as you wish! Please, do not godmod.


- Be respectful to everyone!


- Do not kill off any character's without permission from the creator first.


- Try to follow the plot. Whether loosely or strict, it doesn't matter! What matters is that you have fun!

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Tyrannosaurus Rex

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