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Isla Nublar

You awake in a burning helicopter, discombobulated and disorientated. You assume you have been unconscious for some time, but you cant say for sure how long. Your first port of call is to find any other survivors that may be accompanying you. Second, is to find food and water, and third, to find out exactly where you are.

Upon discovering your whereabouts and the dinosaurs, it is your decision on whether to stay, or to leave and go back to civilisation. To stay, you must find means necessary to survive, such as hunting and foraging as well as safe places to sleep and possibly raise children. Maybe even to communicate with dinosaurs. However to leave, you must find a way to build a raft to take you back to one of the human populated islands, but beware of the Mossasaurus dwelling below the ocean. Or you may even try to create an S.O.S sign on the beach, to catch the attention of any search and rescue crafts flying by. That is, if your fellow islanders dont persuade you to stay.


It has been an entire 100 years since the fall of Jurassic World, since then, mother nature has reclaimed what was rightfully hers. Vast greenery has destoryed what was once buildings and enclosures, dinosaurs are left roaming free along the island. An ecosystem of predators and prey has taken place, a food-chain established amongst the island. Pteradactyls rule the skies, T-Rex's own the land, and Mossasaurs have the ocean as their kingdom. Isla Nublar is no place for humans, but that is all about to change.

Whilst on holiday, a few tourist had taken part in a personal helicopter ride to see the neighbouring islands dotted around the ocean. Isla Nublar had since been forgotten and lost amongst old stories, all records had been destroyed amongst the failing of Jurassic World, in an attempt to keep everyone away from the island. As the helicopter reaches its third destination of the tour, the pilot reports strange beings in the sky - large birds. Midway reporting them to ground control, one of the 'large birds' attacks the helicopter, more so the pilot.
Screaming fills the craft as it begins to hurdle towards the island. And then darkness.


Isla Nublar was once home to the original Jurassic Park, a wildlife park made up of genetically cloned dinosaurs, braught to life from prehistoric mosquitoes preserved in amber. A security worker disables the parks security system for him to be able to steal embryos from the storage room, which also happens to work for the entire park, turning off all electric fences on enclosures also. A Tyrannosaurus escapes and attacks a group of tourists. Whilst a team of people had tried to reactivate the security system it wasnt enough, and soon many species of dinosaurs had escaped, including Velociraptors which also turned on the remaining humans on the island. However, in a stand off between a T-Rex and the Velociraptors, the remaining people manage to leave the island.

A neighbouring island, Isla Sorna had developed its own ecosystem of free roaming dinosaurs, however companies had discovered this and planned to capture the dinosaurs and bring them to mainland as an attraction, ignoring the failed attempt of Jurassic Park. Isla Sorna is where InGen had created the dinosaurs before moving them to Isla Nublar. A team travel to the island to document the dinosaurs and rally public support again human interference on the island. Many were killed, and few made it back to mainland, where a male T-rex was also brought and terrorised San Diego. Soon enough, he was tranquilised and returned back to the island. The island was then declared a nature preserve. And had legislations in place to prevent humans entering the island.

Years later, while parasailing nearby Isla Sorna, a young boy and man were attacked by a flying dinosaur, leading them to soar towards and land on the island, where dinosaurs remained to inhabit. A search team was sent to the island to recover the pair. The man was found already dead, and the boy missing. The team moved on though the island, coming across raptors, a spinosaurs, tyrannosaurus rex, and pteradons. Eventually, the search team find the missing boy and hurry towards the boat they had arrived on, unknowingly followed by a spinosaurus which tries to attack the boat. Soon enough, they escape the dinosaurs wrath and flee into the ocean where the US Navy was waiting.

Many years after the events of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, a theme park was soon built on Isla Nublar, containing the same genetically cloned dinosaurs, however this time rides were introduced, along with children being able to ride on the back of triceratops hatchlings. As the theme park struggled to keep population going, they decide to genetically modify their own dinosaur. The Indominous Rex. Made up of several different species of dinosaur. A Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptors to name just two. All to make it bigger, and more terrifying. The new modified dinosaur proved too intelligent for InGen, and escaped its enclosure. The new dinosaur unleashed its fury on the park, going on a killing spree
amongst the dinosaurs, smashing into the avairy and releasing a flock of pteradons into the park, terrorising visitors and even killing some. Soon enough, a pack of velociraptors and their alpha, a trainer, work together to take down the hybrid. This resulted in three of the four raptors dying. With the help of a tyrannosaurus and a mossasaurus, the hybrid was taken down, and the island evacuated of people.


1) A limit of 2 original characters each. Any access will be deleted. (Children does not count)

2) You cannot kill off another persons character, unless there is proof of permission

3) Try to keep it as PG-13 as possible, as romance is allowed :)

4) Have fun and keep this RP going!

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

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