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Core Circuit
The setting is fairly sporadic, taking Kassie and the Tempus Agent through a set of ancient ruins, the Tempus base, and the Core base as well as several forests and clearings throughout time. 
Born in 2632, raised in the early 2000's, Kassandra "Kassie" Richter inherited a time travel device from her grandfather, the presigious Emerl Richter. Now, she uses it for good, or so she thinks, as the company she works for tasks her with stealing precious materials and artifacts for her new boss, the shadowy Armenius Core. Accompanied by her faithful pet, an intelligent Atrociraptor called Feng, she embarks on her next target - to capture alive one of Core's enemy agents, one of the Tempus Venatores, which may just lead her to realize that she's being used. 

Core Circuit - Led by the wealthy, and very greedy, Armenius Core, Core Circuit is a company seeking total domination of the flow of time. Through advanced technology, Core agents have developed the necessary technology to travel through time and observe separate timelines. Their research is at a pinnacle, with the help of naive Kassie's recovery of technology, artifacts, and resources. 

Tempus Venatores - Led by an unknown power, the Tempus Venatores - time hunters - seek to stop Core Circuit's ambitions in their tracks, shutting down Core's research of timelines and hunting down Core's top agents, Kassie and Feng. They see Kassie's potential as something they may be able to manipulate to their own deeds; their ultimate desire is to maintain and protect the Alpha timeline.


Timelines - Multiple timelines exist as a result of Core Circuit's meddling, but the main timeline, the one the Tempus desire to protect, is known as the Alpha timeline. Any given point along the Alpha timeline is capable of branching off into different timelines, none of which are truly notable. 


Feng - Kassie's atrociraptor is no more a pet than one's own sibling - they are family, and most importantly partners. Kassie aquired Feng as an egg, stolen brashly from a nest on one of her first expeditions through time. They've known each other since before Kassie got involved with Core Circuit, and he is extremely loyal. He is also notably very fast, though not quite as strong as he could be. He possesses a mane of feathers from the back of his skull along his tail, and his sides are covered in short, sparse feathers. His scaling is brown with faint stripes most visible in sunlight. 


No Godmodding. It's rude.

Sci-Fi elements are encouraged, if not a necessity. This includes weaponry - anything goes, as long as it is somewhat feasible. c:

Be Polite and Courteous. c:

Be as Active as Possible. This is a pretty lenient rule, if you need to take a break or won't be able to respond, just let me know. Rule goes both ways, if I need a break I will let you know. c:

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Human (Core Agent)
Human (Tempus Agent)
Humanoid Alien (Tempus Agent)
Raptor (Feng only)

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