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News Updates - Revamps, Security & More
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 12th May 2011
Because of some troublemakers, I've changed a few things.

1) You must activate each email address. All current members are set to preactivated, so don't worry for now.

2) If your IP address changes from the one you logged in with, it will automatically log you out.

3) We had a troll attempt to deface the economy for the second time running this week so many people had very expensive items bought from their player shops. I erased shop tills that were too high and Herbal has given all the items back into player inventories. If you have any money left over, please transfer it to me (#1) so I can get rid of it. If there's anything else you need returned, it's probably best to tell Herbal because she can bug me on AIM. I'd very much appreciate your cooperation with this. <3

4) The server is being twitchy but several tweaks have been made, hence why you might have seen a page or two going down every so often. This is an ongoing process and if it just can't be fixed through optimization, we'll eventually have to upgrade.

Now for some better things:

Lineheraptor & Sinornithosaurus have had their siamese markings revamped:

Troodons have also just had their markings updated so will be circulating again.

AND sandwiches and icecreams have been revamped:

In order for everyone being so patient with me, I have given every single dinosaur in the game a +5 stat boost in all stats. :) I love you guys!
By Star (#1753) on 12-05-2011 15:25:23
Curse those trouble makers! *tsks*

Herbal is amazing, Im so glad she helped me get all my items back. =3

Thanks for going along with revamping the Siamese markings Kitty, Kitei did an amazing job on them.

Love the new ICoT and SoD images!
By Paya (#2473) on 12-05-2011 15:25:49
Love you too, Kitty! Thanks for all the awesome art updates, and for making the site safer, and for explaining what's been causing the recent high latency.
By Mod Clara (#2793) on 12-05-2011 15:25:56
Oh God, I want to eat that ice cream so bad D8

Does that mean we can only log in on our home computers and not anywhere else?
By Spoon (#7927) on 12-05-2011 15:43:55
I love you too!:D
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 12-05-2011 15:44:30
No, Clara. Everytime you login it records the IP you logged in with - so it just compares the IP you have currently to the one you logged in with. If you randomly changed IPs before logging back in it will log you out.
By Mod Clara (#2793) on 12-05-2011 15:54:07
Aha, I see thank you~ I was having a hard time understanding, I do now
By New User (#3584) on 12-05-2011 15:56:14
:O Who could be so bad for the game! I love everyone here!
By RyanTheRaptor (#5629) on 12-05-2011 16:09:13
well lets look at this store problem

first we must understand why people are putting things in there store but don't intend to sell it. is it to show off there stuff?

probably the easiest workaround would be to change the default price and old items currently in stores from 10 million to 1 billion, it would be very difficult to afford that.

but ultimately why not have a option to set something not for sale.
By Mod Feather (#958) on 12-05-2011 16:17:19
yay kitty!! I
By Ankokou (#3281) on 12-05-2011 17:23:40
Thank you Kitty and staff, you guys do great work.

That ice cream makes me want some so bad. ._.
Seriously, I wonder if I can stop at Cold Stone this weekend or something.
By New User (#607) on 12-05-2011 20:08:50
Holy wow, the artwork for the sandwich and ice cream is fantastic! :D
By Yoshi (#4174) on 13-05-2011 04:31:38
um, quick question (PLEASE MESSAGE ME BACK): do i need to activate my email?
By Wulfraptor (#170) on 13-05-2011 08:45:09
thanks for the boost and fixing the issues Kitty

*still wants to throttle trolls* dumb farrt trolls LEAVE THIS GAME ALONE! yeash go do that sort of thing on runescape... it's big enough to handle it...
By Mod Clara (#2793) on 13-05-2011 12:24:17
Well of course Ryan, people just want to show their collection~ Like a little gallery. Also, I've seen a few put them in there for show and ask people to 'offer' for them, so they could be hoping for the best deal for it too. I'd make myself my own little gallery if I had things worth displaying
By New User (#7322) on 13-05-2011 14:34:20
Kitty, I checkmarked the show friends online sidebar. Then I went to the boards and it does not show it.
By RyanTheRaptor (#5629) on 13-05-2011 14:46:03
the server has been so much faster.
By Mehetabel (#8097) on 13-05-2011 17:52:17
Beautiful artwork as always and thanks for the +5 stats boost. That's better than an ice cream cone! As for troublemakers no ice cream for you! >:(
By New User (#2630) on 14-05-2011 07:24:13
We love you too Kitty! Thanks for taking such great care of Exhibited! *showers with candy*
By Belezza (#30) on 14-05-2011 17:58:33
Wow, yay! Thanks Kitty! The new sandwich and icecream images are freakin' awesome!
By Arron (#1104) on 15-05-2011 10:18:54
It's very irritating. I'm being logged out very frequently. At most I can visit about 7 pages and at least, none.
By Kitt (#254) on 15-05-2011 11:56:22
You're one of the best webmistress ever.
By New User (#3107) on 16-05-2011 03:19:47
I love you to kitty

Like the dinos and hates the trouble makers