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Server Blip
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 7th May 2011
Whoop, the server seemed to go funny last night. From what I can tell, it was the tmp folder being full. This means that anyone who wanted to login or do something new couldn't because it was already full.

This appears to be fied now though. If you're still having any problems, please let me know.

Thanks guys!

(Stuff like this always happens when I'm sleepin'!)

EDIT: It happened again, this time when I went out. LOL. I'll be monitoring this for the rest of the day now. :3
By Scruffs (#1197) on 07-05-2011 03:44:30
I was having a lot of trouble last night, but its good now, thanks kitty
By New User (#3107) on 07-05-2011 03:46:51
I was logging on and then instead of coming up with my money and messages and stuff it loaded but it still said log on or regester is that what this is all about

but it's working now
By Pideaux (#8001) on 07-05-2011 03:50:02
Yep, same. Couldn't log in for the life of me :'D - Thanks so much! It's amazing that in just a few short days I've become addicted >.
By Yoshi (#4174) on 07-05-2011 04:42:47
i just attached a new filter yesterday, and now it is broken!! ????????
By Mod Feather (#958) on 07-05-2011 06:44:50
yeah, i tried to log in but it wouldn't let me, so i looked at the people on line and it said i was already online!! i thought someone hacked meh account O.o but then it logged meh out and now i had 2 messages saying a dino died of starvation :P
By Valecian (#3664) on 07-05-2011 06:55:33
Thanks for the fast fix and response. ^^
By New User (#3805) on 07-05-2011 09:51:01
Yes!I finally got on!!
By Jade (#7902) on 07-05-2011 11:55:42
Thanks soo much for fixing it~!
By Mod Clara (#2793) on 07-05-2011 12:10:01
The server monster is stalking yoooou!
By Yoshi (#4174) on 07-05-2011 13:48:51
it just happened to me. well, maybe a few hours ago....yeah, so, just commenting....maybe im over-explaining this.....
By Rin (#8100) on 07-05-2011 19:02:12
Happened to me too, and...

You know that you wrote 'fied' instead of 'fine', right?
By Star (#1753) on 10-05-2011 15:02:25
I still have little instances were the site just completely crashes on me for a while.