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Exhibited Press - Comments

....I almost died today..
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 25th Apr 2011
So for some strange reason, I picked today of all days to have an Exhibited blowout. :D


Dinosaurs have lots of markings, and an extra set of genetics now. This is the change I have been working on with some artists for the past 8 months or so, and, 700+ images later, we've finally got here.

So what does it mean?

Well, each dinosaur species now has 8 markings each. Those, in turn, have heavy and common variations, totalling 16 different markings per dinosaur. :)

They have genetics to go with them so you can effectively plan and breed for certain ones in your breeding projects once you figure out what makes what. Yay!

Troodons, Graciliraptors and Coelophysis DO have markings but if they appear (they may not), they will not be true representations. The latter two are undergoing redraws so I didn't bother to commission markings for them, and Troodon needs some heavy tweaking. So you can still breed and create them, but they will change the way they look one day.

The next thing is.. TWO NEW SPECIES!

Please welcome Anchiornis (drawn by our wonderful Ank):


and Herrerasaurus:


Both are regular carnivorous dinos and will restock at the lab normally.


I released six new herbivores.


Diplodocus, Camarasaurus, Centrosaurus, Dravidosaurus, Echinodon, Callovosaurus. ;D One of these is special and will give off nice stat boosts (well they all will, but one moreso), and is extra cheap.


There is also a new background in circulation, the northern lights background:


Allos, Lolos, Spinos and Rexes all show up in the custom tool, but are uncreaatable. I know you guys wanted this. :)

That's about it folks! I'm dog tired now so need to get some rest, but.. WOW, ENJOY!

P.S. There are no new museum factfiles for these dinos right now. If anyone wants to gather information and message me it, I'd love you forever.
By Dea (#2769) on 25-04-2011 14:53:25
We love you Kitty! And sleep well!
8D soooo awsome! Thanks so much kitty! *hugs*
By sassy (#158) on 25-04-2011 14:54:11
I. Love. You! :'DD
By Star (#1753) on 25-04-2011 14:54:18
I suggested the Centrosaurus!!! =D

Thanks so much Kitty, this is all AMAZING!
By Praeses (#2539) on 25-04-2011 14:54:28
So cool, it sounds like you've been super busy. Thanks so much. :D
By Mod Sammei (#243) on 25-04-2011 14:55:11
This is s awesome! You are epic Kitty and you deserve a rest for all of your hard work!
By New User (#3584) on 25-04-2011 15:00:46
Kitty us in chat love you for the like hour sneak peek since it took about that long....I LUFF YOU
By semisonic (#2475) on 25-04-2011 15:21:14
...*jawdrop* O_O

By New User (#3107) on 25-04-2011 15:23:47
Kitty I love you I just bought myself male and female of both thanks thx thanks thx thanks and one more THX
By Mod Spotty (#785) on 25-04-2011 15:51:05
Holy wow Kitty, lots of great updates. Thank you. :D
By ShesGot_A_WildSide (#6070) on 25-04-2011 17:33:49
*Squeals* AHH!!! Kitty I LOVE YOU!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!
By Pinkeuro (#5848) on 25-04-2011 17:39:45
Wow Kitty! Thanks bunches for all this stuff! I love every last bit, especially the new markings! :D :D :D
I remember sitting in the chat forever, talking about the new stuff and waiting for the new herbis to restock and stuff. xD
By Cora-roar (#6452) on 25-04-2011 17:39:53
awesome but now i have to buy another cage $20,000 down the drain :D
By Darke (#1801) on 25-04-2011 18:11:00
OMG New markings :D :D Darke is pumped!! Thaks Kitty :3
By Sen (#551) on 25-04-2011 20:36:45
Working on dino factfiles. XD I've sent one, will work on more tomorrow.
By feralhydra 2 ( kristy XD) (#6068) on 25-04-2011 20:36:57
i loove the new dino and markings , yay kitty !

and i will look for some facts on the herby's to help out :)
By Witch King of Angmár (#2167) on 26-04-2011 00:13:53
ahem . *caughs* yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!anchiornis is cuuuuuute!
By Nightmarish Waltz (#5825) on 26-04-2011 00:19:25
We love you Kitty
By New User (#7403) on 26-04-2011 06:36:56
Awesome! :D A really cool new background, new markings, and new, awesome dinosaurs. :D
By MaySun (#567) on 26-04-2011 09:29:06
I would like to say thank you as well, for the hard work and dedication you have shown to this site.
By Mod Zani (#2255) on 26-04-2011 11:46:53
Oh looky, that's my Herrerasaurus! :D Didn't expect that. Thank you for all the new things Kitty, they'll keep my procrastination happy!
By gabidragneel (#6535) on 26-04-2011 12:42:47
Nossa!Legal,eu queria poder comprar dinos feitos por mim mas nao tenho escalas
By Arassiel (#7628) on 26-04-2011 13:55:45
Hey I love everything and the new markings are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! -hugs- :3
By Dyr (#17) on 26-04-2011 15:17:06
GEEZ. A lot of updates. xD All are appreciated!! Thanks so much! Excited for marking genetics.
By UnwrittenTale (#3511) on 26-04-2011 15:33:07
My jaw partially broke when I saw this. xD

New markings--I love you forever. And ever. >D

Northern Lights -- Perfect for a set of Linnies I'm breeding ~ Again, YOU ROCK. XD

And those Herbies are soooo cute~! =D

I ADORE the new species--I'm breeding Tribal Herreras. :x

And I'm pretty sure the Custom Creator will implode. XD The possibilities~! My goooodness Kitty, you've really outdone yourself! :D

I'm gunna dig up some factfiles! 8DD
By Brighid (#5747) on 26-04-2011 20:40:57
Anyway you can change the search option to any markings? My only suggestion. LOVE the update!
By Amy (#2899) on 27-04-2011 06:45:21
By SquidFaced (#556) on 27-04-2011 10:59:25
Zomg!My day has been made, after much inactivity. I saw this, and i was squealing to myself in delight.
By KellyOnyx (#1789) on 28-04-2011 03:06:05
Waoh great work!!!! The markings are great and I love the new herbivores!! *excited for more herbivores..*

But you just rest for now... :D keep up the great work..
By Kari (#2654) on 28-04-2011 23:27:22
In the name of all that is diapsid. These are lovely pieces of art.
By rex (#3228) on 29-04-2011 16:17:26
By leon (#2722) on 07-05-2011 20:52:35
Anchiornis is so awsome i love it!
By New User (#7322) on 09-05-2011 13:45:13
Kitty, do you think Exhibited should put newer dinosaurs like Giganotosaurus and Pteranadon in the lab. Giganotosaurus could be strong