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Donations, Messages and Shops... Oh my!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 19th May 2010
I have finished off messages, and the following features are now available:

- Messaging
- Smilies in messages
- Message folders for upgrades (being able to sort your messages into different folders)
- A sentbox, so you can keep tabs on messages you've sent

I have also:
- Finished off the food, health and collectable stores
- Redone the donation system so that it's a lot more concise, informative and has more things to it.

I've set scale purchases to be in bundles now, starting at 5 scales ($2.50) all the way up to 100 scales ($50). There's also a little window to the side to show the top ten recent donators, and a small thank you message there as well. After all, donations keep the site going and without them, Exhibited wouldn't be here today. :)

You can view the donation page now. Lend me your thoughts on it?
By Dratini the Mighty (#265) on 19-05-2010 17:50:34
The page looks nice, I like the art for it. :) Though I think scales should be discounted the bigger the bundle you buy, so that it's a better deal and users are encouraged to spend more on exhibited.
By lemon (#110) on 19-05-2010 18:00:29
Great! I wish I could donate...
By Humerus (#221) on 19-05-2010 23:41:05
Whoop whoop! I'mma transfer some money into my paypal and get spending! Hey Kitty, if we donate now, will our 'timer' for premium accounts still tick down? Its just that we can't use 3/4 of its features at the time being, thats all... ^^;
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 20-05-2010 01:17:32
Nope, it won't. Bare in mind I'm gonna give everyone a free 30 day upgrade though and the scales page isn't open yet. x3
By Alwyne (#140) on 20-05-2010 02:22:44
looks good xD
By New User (#29) on 21-05-2010 00:06:17
amazing job, Kitty dear
By Dyr (#62) on 24-05-2010 15:20:59
Just logged on in months, and am pleasantly surprised. Great progress on all aspects of the site! As I look around, you've really made the game more dynamic and easier to use. Can't wait to enjoy the experience further! :]
By Dyr (#62) on 24-05-2010 15:23:00
Also I like the additions of smilies! /spam