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Quick update!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 11th Dec 2010
Just a quickie:

- I've upped food restock amounts (except rares).

- I've made it so it's a 1 in 8 chance of getting an item from the cave as opposed to guaranteed.

- I've removed the t rex potion from the slots machine and am retiring it for a while.

Also, if anyone attempts to sell a gift-wrapped item and advertises it as a rare, I personally wouldn't buy it. ;)
By Kitei (#5) on 11-12-2010 17:25:53
:D Hoorah!
By New User (#2794) on 11-12-2010 17:27:00
cool. =]
By Mod Zani (#2255) on 11-12-2010 17:27:09
Oh looky that, I helped a tad with the news. :'D
By Nyxta Dragon (#3806) on 11-12-2010 17:28:42
By Bakura (#738) on 11-12-2010 17:29:43
Thanks Kitty.
By New User (#3976) on 11-12-2010 17:32:32

By New User (#4614) on 11-12-2010 17:32:51
And it sounds COOL
By New User (#4614) on 12-12-2010 06:43:02
Thanks for the advice!!
By tt (#86) on 12-12-2010 13:52:06
did not know there was a cave..any body tell me where please
you're supposed to find it yourself........;)
By Kitt (#254) on 13-12-2010 20:20:20
I have a question.
If it's harder to get an item from the cave,does that mean its easier to actually get INTO the cave,or is the guard still there as often?
By The Grox (#160) on 14-12-2010 17:32:57
So what will replace the t rex potion in the slots machine.
By Wak (#1784) on 15-12-2010 16:01:37
Im Iffy on the chances from getting stuff from the cave since you only have 2 chances to get something from it each day, and many people miss the chance. xP

I dunno, 1 in 8 just seems high.
By NeoChaoticProxy (#1051) on 21-12-2010 22:30:51
maybe 4 in 8 chnce would be fair
By The Grox (#160) on 23-12-2010 13:50:14
4/8 chance is 1/2 chance and that's still pretty high because depending what time zone they're in they could be up really early or really late only to get nothing.
By New User (#5305) on 07-01-2011 15:17:39
oh man.... taking away the t-rex potion wasent really necisary but.. ok :[