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Posted by Kitty (#1) on 25th Nov 2010
Happy thanksgiving everyone!

I know it's an early post for the american players but I'm posting this now so all timezones get a chance:

The thanksgiving plushie is now restocking in stores. Grab yours today only!

Thanksgiving Plushie
By gera (#3700) on 25-11-2010 00:23:08
wicked news kitty i am goint give you something
cool now
By Star (#1753) on 25-11-2010 01:32:18
Happy Turkey Day!
By Paya (#2473) on 25-11-2010 05:54:40
Sweeeeet - thanks, Kitty!
By Darke (#1801) on 25-11-2010 06:06:26
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Don't eat too much turkey ;)
By Nyxta Dragon (#3806) on 25-11-2010 06:40:04
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
By Amy (#2899) on 26-11-2010 00:25:41
im not really a thanksgiving type of person im a
crismas type
By Amy (#2899) on 26-11-2010 00:26:11
but anyway happy thanksgiving