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New update - why have my dinosaurs escaped?!?!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 19th Nov 2010
Any dinosaurs that were in mixed species enclosures have now been removed from that enclosure completely, and will appear under your moving crate as "escaped". All you have to do is "recapture" them and reorganize them.

You can no longer put dinosaurs into an enclosure if it doesn't match the species currently in the enclosure (unless obviously the enclosure is empty.)

And dinosaurs can now only have the t-rex potion used on them if they're in your moving crate. :P

EDIT: You can also now clone elder dinos. :O
By SquidFaced (#556) on 19-11-2010 15:31:45
Great ideas Kitty!!!
By New User (#654) on 19-11-2010 15:32:22
The suspense for the herbivores is killing me... XD
By Sen (#551) on 19-11-2010 15:38:47
Gyah, the suspense for the herbivores is killing me, too! I can't wait. :) *has a feeling it will come soon!*

XDD I can imagine how alarming it would be to see all your dinos as 'escaped', hahaha!
By SquidFaced (#556) on 19-11-2010 15:38:55
And me.I will have a massive hissy-fit over my deprivation of Parasaurolophus...
By NebulaNox (#1475) on 19-11-2010 15:41:20
Cool good thing I have enough to by a second enclosure.
The suspense is killing me too, *thinks the herbovoirs might be comeing soon though*
By UnwrittenTale (#3511) on 19-11-2010 15:58:49
I think that was a clever way to get people to organize, because there's over 4000 members and waiting for them all would take centuries.

Speaking of waiting, I'm in anticipation now. D:
By New User (#1939) on 19-11-2010 15:59:18
wait how you clone elder dinos?
By Daski (#1155) on 19-11-2010 16:04:52
:D awesome about the cloning!
By Arki (#3243) on 19-11-2010 17:40:48
when are the herbivores coming anyway? i thought they were due at most a week from the first post.
anyway if people have raptors they want to get rid of they can drop them off at my place.
You're killin us kitty!!! you're killing us with immpatience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By K!tten (#413) on 21-11-2010 07:56:06
Your awesome Kitty! :D
By Artemis (#2777) on 22-11-2010 20:28:01
gah i can't wait for the herbivores! and if you dont wanna keep the dinosaurs that are in your moving crate from the whole escape thing how do you get rid of them?(the ones in mine i had been trying to sell)
By Amy (#2899) on 23-11-2010 01:04:16
i had some in there now there gone!
By Pie (#651) on 23-11-2010 19:07:02
But I DID see herbivore enclosures at the mod's farms!
They're coming soon! *squee* =D
did you all look at the museum? :)