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Exhibited Press - Comments

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 7th Nov 2010
Just as a warning to everyone:

To keep everything weighted nicely for when I introduce herbivores, it would be best for you to move all of your dinosaurs into single-species enclosures. This means, packs of all velociraptor, all utahraptor, all deinonychus - etc. Don't mix the species.

Herbivores will be introduced WITH a huntability side to them. Your dinosaurs will be able to hunt a herd in a pack, and it's going to be unrealistic and a lot more coding if you have a tyrannosaurus rex in a pack of compys? So, start moving them to their own enclosures now, please.

When I am ready to release herbivores, all existing carnivores will start to fight each other. If you have two different species in an enclosure, that basically means they are going to keep fighting until they kill each other or you move them out. :)

Just a heads up!

As an additional note: I did say in the comments that if you couldn't afford to sort your dinosaurs into different enclosures that I would be willing to help. Send me a message - don't just abandon all your dinos if you're attached to them. :P

Edit II: this does not apply if you want to have more species of dinosaurs. Only for your existing ones, lol.
By Daski (#1155) on 07-11-2010 12:42:20
D: aw... that really sucks.. i have a ton of single and that means my OC raptors arent going to be able to be in their OC enclosures anymore... >X crap. *starts to rethink her enclosures*
By Pie (#651) on 07-11-2010 12:42:20
Good to know, Kitty.

I'm wondering what to do with my Adoption Center, because it has a mixture of raptors. D=
By Erectopus (#987) on 07-11-2010 12:42:45
Wicked, I wish exhibited did this sooner :)
By New User (#654) on 07-11-2010 12:43:02
Right after I sell some enclosures because I have only 1 or 2 of certain species and mash them all together. lol!

I'm really digging the sounds of this though. So exciting! You're such a tease Kitty. XD
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 07-11-2010 12:43:17
I'd recommend one enclosure for each species you have, really. You can expand them if they're not big enough.
By New User (#2807) on 07-11-2010 12:51:18
what if we don't have enough money for enclosures??????????????????????????
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 07-11-2010 12:52:32
I'm willing to help you out with that for your existing dinosaurs.
By Unauthodox (#428) on 07-11-2010 12:52:58
Well alot of my dino's will die,
By SkylordGrizwald (#326) on 07-11-2010 12:53:02
One question could a compy with great stats beat up a t-rex with bad stats
By New User (#488) on 07-11-2010 12:53:02
o.O Are you adding them today? Or when? -needs time to switch dinos around- *shuffles off to move dinos*
By New User (#2807) on 07-11-2010 12:53:23
By New User (#488) on 07-11-2010 12:55:27
And a question, will dinos that are old (old like they can't breed anymore) Will they be able to hunt/will they fight each other?
By Paya (#2473) on 07-11-2010 13:00:05
Don't cross the streams. Important safety tip. Thanks, Egon.
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 07-11-2010 13:00:26
Gizmo, you have a LOT of money in the bank. They'll only die if you don't seperate them.

hobob, you seem to have 8 different species, so I gave you 5 extra enclosures. :)

Taylor - not yet, this is just a pre-warning before I do it, lol. :) And yes elders will play a role.

ihadtochoosethis - the t-rex would win everytime because it would see the compy as a snack. :P
By New User (#607) on 07-11-2010 13:07:00
Epic, I'm excited! :D

Quick question- Will juveniles fight, too? (under 10 days old) I'd really like to keep my juveniles all together. XD
By Unauthodox (#428) on 07-11-2010 13:07:58
How do you know I have riches in the bank?
By NeoEmo (#758) on 07-11-2010 13:09:50
lol Kitty, thanks for the heads up :). i just got done moving mine around XD.
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 07-11-2010 13:11:17
Probably not, Kaneon, but if you keep them in with an adult pack they'll learn how to hunt faster.

And Gizmo - I own and program the game and I can see everything.
By Wulfraptor (#170) on 07-11-2010 13:14:00
what about the dinos that lived same time and place?
By Enement (#3093) on 07-11-2010 13:14:52
I've got so many single species thogh! And theyre all in my T-rex enclosure!

But this should keep breeding a bit more organised...if i had enogh money.

Kitty, can you give me some extra encosures too? (I just had to ask...)
By Ankokou (#3281) on 07-11-2010 13:15:13
Thank you for the heads up, I've been looking forward to this. ^_^

But now my only rex and sino look so lonely in their enclosures. XD
Guess maybe I could buy them some company...
By New User (#488) on 07-11-2010 13:23:19
I could help you, Enement.
Of course if Kitty will give em' to you it doesn't really matter X3
By Pepper (#1118) on 07-11-2010 13:29:12
I already have my dinosaurs in there own places. So I'm good to go, add the herbivores whenever you have time. I will be ready!
By April (#1914) on 07-11-2010 13:33:35
Won't affect me since I have had single species enclosures for a while - ever since I heard that someday it would be bad to mix up species.

The herbivore hunting thing sounds awesome! :D
By Pepper (#1118) on 07-11-2010 13:38:18
I'm so happy for this and I want it to be added right now.
I have been waiting for this and I want to see this added as soon as possible.
By Sen (#551) on 07-11-2010 13:41:39
Super excited about this!!! :) I own 30 of one species and 1 of another, so I think at this point, the lonely one is just gonna have to find a new owner, but that's okay. ^_^

I can't wait to hear the release date for the herbivores!! I am pumped about them!
By Enement (#3093) on 07-11-2010 13:42:56
Really? Thats so nice! Thank you to...someone.
By semisonic (#2475) on 07-11-2010 13:50:05
For once, my OCD habits have paid off! XD
By Patchwork (#2341) on 07-11-2010 13:56:50
It was expensive and I had to release three of my dinos, but I managed to rearrange my dinos. Everything is all set at my farm Kitty.
By Draco (#1301) on 07-11-2010 14:00:15
Sorry, Darkro's post was supposed to be mine. He quit playing and gave his account to me, and I posted it while in his account.
By New User (#488) on 07-11-2010 14:09:02
Im set X3 althoung some enclosures only have one or two dinos in them. . .
By Xuanmeng (#1507) on 07-11-2010 14:11:28
Will herbivores also be kept in enclosures, and will you be able to mash them all together into a single herd? :P I want to know if I should do something with what used to be my Sales enclosure or if I can just chuck a ton of herbivores in it once they're released.
By New User (#3817) on 07-11-2010 14:13:09
Wasted all my money, 40000 worth of it, but I got 2 more enclosures for this XD
By Star (#1753) on 07-11-2010 14:38:22
I have all my retired Dino's in one enclosure to make space in my other enclosures for younger Dino's, will even the senior Dino's fight each other? Or am I going to have to make 5+ different enclosures just for 80+ aged Dino's?
By Star (#1753) on 07-11-2010 14:43:48
And I just realized that this will also suck in my Selling/bidding enclosure since I often have mixed Species in there D: *fiddles around with enclosures*
By UnwrittenTale (#3511) on 07-11-2010 14:49:02
Oh dear, that sounds bad. D: Better get moving then. -Buys some more enclosures-
By UnwrittenTale (#3511) on 07-11-2010 15:02:19
I mean it sounds like a great idea! Just bad for all the people who don't heed the warning. ;)
By New User (#3610) on 07-11-2010 15:17:49
Aww crap. I'mma need to get some money >.<
Well thanks for the heads up.
By Bakura (#738) on 07-11-2010 15:22:10
Hmm...that's very intriguing...I've already kept them in their own enclosures but this is a very interesting concept. Thanks for the warning Kitty. =3
By Endless (#43) on 07-11-2010 16:01:21
Sounds like it'll be interesting. X) Thank hyne I had everything separated a long time ago. XD Was a lot of moving back then. X)
By New User (#3787) on 07-11-2010 16:14:39
So does this mean new equip-ables and other new gear too?
By Kitt (#254) on 07-11-2010 16:23:20
I don't have much money for dino food,let alone at least 10 diffrent enclosures....
I may as well quit with the dinos and just stay for the boards now. Not like i care too much,the only dino's i'll keep will be my t-rexes.
By New User (#607) on 07-11-2010 20:07:02
Aha, well that does make sense! :D
I'll just have to deal with being slightly less organized, haha.
By Sophie (#3781) on 07-11-2010 20:11:05
Cool, when are you going to do this? I'm just curious, I've already prepared.
By New User (#3480) on 08-11-2010 00:51:05
Thanks Exhibited -glares- I just released half my dinos cause i couldn't afford a pen for each one
By SkylordGrizwald (#326) on 08-11-2010 07:57:24
do diffrent herbivores get along?
By ravenfire (#2562) on 08-11-2010 08:09:35
crap....D: when i first got on here i put mixed species in one enclosure, but i then realized that not a good idea, so i been slowly trying to separate them. but i still have one enclosure with mixed species and i don't think i have enough money for separate enclosures for all of them
By Wulfraptor (#170) on 08-11-2010 08:42:09
nobody answered my question... what about same time and place dinos like oviraptor and velociraptor? (-_-)
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 08-11-2010 08:57:24
Wulfraptor, no. All carnivores of different species will start fighting if not seperated.
By New User (#3099) on 08-11-2010 12:40:50
Can someone please send me 2 more enclosures?
By Spottedmask (#3824) on 08-11-2010 14:02:51
I Just started Exhibited a few days ago. I have about two different species in my enclosure and I don't have enough money yet for a second one. Can you please help me? I would really appreciate it! :)
By Arki (#3243) on 08-11-2010 17:14:38
oh. and here i was scurrying about to get money to buy enclosures, when i could have help.
By Eligio (#1437) on 09-11-2010 03:19:32
i have money to by couple enclosers but i dont have anough for all my spiecies cause i have 15 speiceis
and i can buy 5 enclosers but i need 10 more
By Eligio (#1437) on 09-11-2010 04:27:24
I will be gone for a few days so if you can can you put all my dinos into seprate enclosers please
By New User (#2127) on 09-11-2010 23:36:15
do you think you could help me i have 10 enclosures but i have 35 dino some are in enclosures but three of thame are in my nursery that i have for my bady dinos all three are different dinos i would own need two becoues one is a Utahraptor and i could expand whan i get the mouny
By New User (#2958) on 10-11-2010 07:00:02
so keep the same species toghether and apart from the others now? like keep megaraptors away froom..eoraraptors?
if so i only have two enclosure and alot of different breeds
By New User (#2127) on 10-11-2010 08:37:17
i have 10 different species but half of the my dinosaurs species do have were own single-species enclosures but two
By SquidFaced (#556) on 10-11-2010 10:28:08
Woot!Time to prepare fore mental overload with Parasaurolophus.If i see one,i WILL have it!
By Daz (#2985) on 10-11-2010 16:45:47
Kitty i technicly have enough to by all the extra enclosers (all 5)
but it is (clearly) gonna take a LARGE chunk outa my funds... is there anyway you could hook me up with like 1 or 2 freebys????
thax either way!
By Amy (#2899) on 11-11-2010 01:52:27
ummmmm kitty can i have some more enclosures
because i have 15 different species.
By gera (#3700) on 11-11-2010 02:09:05
i have a least 9 species of dinosaur can i please
have some more enclosures(need help)
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 11-11-2010 02:28:39
Just as a note to myself:

Got everyone above who needed help.
By New User (#3910) on 11-11-2010 18:23:36
Raising herbivores is going to be fun, great idea! :]

I recently, however, got a Bambiraptor and buying another exhibit for him would take a large chunk out of my very small savings, is it possible you could give me an exhibit?
By New User (#1903) on 11-11-2010 22:47:56
Man, this REALLY sucks. I have written HUGE stories about my creatures. The whole point is to have this one pack headed by a different species. This means it's all nil and can no longer be represented here. That's very, VERY disappointing. :/
By Kaan (#517) on 12-11-2010 14:50:57
i cant afford an enclosure and i have four types of raptor.
By Kaan (#517) on 12-11-2010 15:17:32
Also, all my dinosaurs are in one enclosure.
By Anapona (#4070) on 15-11-2010 03:40:21
I need help.....I'm very, out of money-ish
Can you tell us the approximate day you will release the herbivores to the awaiting public? PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
By DemonFang (#4102) on 17-11-2010 09:14:19
I just made my account yesterday, I have two raptors but both are a different species, but I don't know how to earn enough money to get another enclosure! I need help!
By $@#!* ass loveable person (#1466) on 17-11-2010 16:00:54
I don't think that I can afford to sort my dinosaurs. I have a pretty big variety.
By $@#!* ass loveable person (#1466) on 17-11-2010 16:37:12
I need help. I just had to drop a lot of my dinosaurs off at the nature reserve. I can't afford to buy another enclosure.
By DinoLover (#4089) on 21-11-2010 19:12:24
Yay! Herbivores! So Kitty, when are you going to introduce them, the suspense is killing me!
By New User (#4921) on 30-12-2010 15:35:34
Thx for the Headsup