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Exhibited Press - Comments

Some small updates:
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 31st Oct 2010
EX is getting a bit of an art revamp. Here are some of the new artpieces:

Friends page dinos :D

And the gallery has had some new doors and noticeboard put in place:


More to come. :)

Tomorrow, as suggested, I will be putting all of the site into age per login so that there's just one system that ages things. This will take the strain off the site at midnight (when cron runs) and will make it easier for me to fix bugs regarding it (as I won't have to keep flitting between the two systems).

Have a happy Halloween guys! To celebrate this day, the halloween plushie is now available in the store. :D

Halloween Plushie
By Bakura (#738) on 31-10-2010 03:43:29
Thanks a lot Kitty!
By Pandora (#58) on 31-10-2010 03:44:50
EX has lovely artwork, I am looking forward seeing new pieces. Happy Halloween! < 3
By New User (#3584) on 31-10-2010 07:49:24
I'm so excited!!! I am also excited for the new markings! Love the panda idea ♥
By Dyr (#17) on 31-10-2010 09:10:33
Oo, such pretty art! And lovely plushy- I'ma go grab it. 8D