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Coelophysis & More
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 26th Apr 2010
We now have the coelophysis available on the new dynamic imaging system and there's also a Bambiraptor due today as well. ;) Take a peek at the boards if you want to see them or if you have these species and want them shown to you on the "want to see what your dinosaur looks like?" thread.

Over the weekend I've reprogrammed most of the dinosaur pages (not the way they look because I like that, but how they work behind the seams.) I've also reprogrammed the base item functions and will be going through and fixing them where necessary to go with the new system - the stores will probably be my first stop. :)

My next mission is probably going to be getting messages up so you guys can still message each other and then after that, maybe the bank. Once I have those up we'll play it by ear and maybe have dinosaur pages back up (a bit sketchy however as I might leave them til last.. Unsure as now) -- either that, or the games pages for sure.

Progress is growing!
By lemon (#110) on 26-04-2010 10:51:45
Shwaaaaaaaaaaaa. (What?) BAMBIRAPTORS. *claps happily*

I was just hoping you'd get the messages up next!

And I saw that you fixed the renaming enclosures issue, that made me a bit happy. ^^
By Taiyles (#313) on 26-04-2010 23:37:15
Yay, new art! I'm always excited to see what the dinosaurs are going to look like. Perhaps next up could be Deinonychus (hint, hint?) Seriously, though, I know the art will get done when it gets done. I'm just so excited to see the progress being made!