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Small update!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 13th Oct 2010
Just to keep everyone informed, there's a couple of slight updates:

- Battles now update health in live time, so there's no longer a delay and this should hopefully avoid those accident deaths. :)

- The inbreeding intelligence penalty has been lifted - it'll just count on the inbreeding % now.

I am still reading moderator applications and have not responded to anyone yet - just a FYI! I will respond to everyone as I get round to it, successful or not. :)

- edit: Due to testing cron, I fastforwarded a couple of people's accounts (most likely to affect you if you logged in today already). To rectify this I deaged all dinos by one day.
By Star (#1753) on 13-10-2010 02:39:01
I was afraid I had not made the cut with out being told so there for a moment. Haha, glad to know I was wrong.
Thanks for the Updates Kitty!
By K!tten (#413) on 13-10-2010 02:39:46
I've killed about a dino because it health went from 32% to 2% and he died. I have him back now though!

Thanks a ton Kitty! =^.^=
By Sai (#204) on 13-10-2010 06:11:38
Thanks Kitty.

((I do wish you hadn't lifted the inbreeding intelligence penalty... But what do I know...))
By April (#1914) on 13-10-2010 08:08:05
Thanks again! I very much appreciate the inbreeding penalty being lifted especially. :)
By devilspride (#2039) on 13-10-2010 08:34:24
Yay! not deaths in Battles! :') This is the best day ever! X
By April (#1914) on 13-10-2010 11:14:25
That fastforwarding explains a couple weird things on my account...thought I was going crazy LOL.
By Krista (#3387) on 13-10-2010 12:03:38
My friend asked for her password to be reset yet its been two days and she hasent recieved it,and why did two days go by in one?????
By New User (#981) on 13-10-2010 13:42:05
Awesome, thanks. ^^
By Samateus (#2970) on 14-10-2010 19:48:57
I was wondering, though a couple of my dinos have been de-aged lower than their own offspring... That, and the inbreeding is showing on a bunch of my chicks that it shouldn't...
By Praeses (#2539) on 20-10-2010 23:08:42
I don't know if you'll see this comment or not, but I'm actually losing more dinos by accident now than before the change (probably bad luck). *shrug* I know you have a lot of people to keep happy, and if this helps I'm glad. I'll probably get used to it eventually but I thought I'd let you know.