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Exhibited Press - Comments

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 23rd Aug 2010
I'm back (albeit a few days late) and ready to roll again. ;)

I have some more news for everyone.

I am moving into a new house with my husband and will be giving up my full time job.

But what does this mean for you?

Well - I now have enough time to be full time with Exhibited. ;) This means more features will get completed, bugs will be squashed quicker and everything will just be speedier from my end.

We move in on September the 6th but I'd plan for at least a few days before I can properly settle and resume EX work.

As for now - if you wouldn't mind giving me a couple of days to catch up with emails, messages etc I'll then start on the inevitable bugs and start reappearing in the chatroom. Then I'll start some new features (herbivores!). :D

It's good to be back!
By Bearheaded (#199) on 23-08-2010 14:26:27
Missed you, Kitty. Kitei was gone nuts with power! ;D
By New User (#1382) on 23-08-2010 14:31:25
i agree
By Kitei Spare (#79) on 23-08-2010 14:45:17
ILU Kitty.
By Kitei Spare (#79) on 23-08-2010 14:45:39
And hush my minions D
By Dyr (#17) on 23-08-2010 14:59:23
Welcome back! 8D And that's great news- hopefully you aren't jet-lagged too badly, hehe.
By K!tten (#413) on 23-08-2010 15:49:05
Glad your back Kitty! ^.^
By Pie (#651) on 23-08-2010 15:58:56
Great you're back. How about you put some wedding photos up?
By Herbal (#416) on 23-08-2010 16:05:22
Pie - That's so rude sounding =(

Kitty - Welcome back! I hope the trip was fun and exciting! Kitei has kept us mostly alive, and I'm sure she'll continue too, so just settle down and catch up! =D =D
By Pie (#651) on 23-08-2010 16:07:13
Well sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude...
By Taura (#21) on 23-08-2010 17:17:55
Welcome back! :)
By Elian (#1771) on 23-08-2010 17:30:50
Yeah, welcome back Kitty! :3
By New User (#1674) on 23-08-2010 17:43:32
Welcome back. I cant really say 'I hope you had a great time' because it was your wedding and honeymoon, how could you not have had a great time!
By Mod Herbal (#4) on 23-08-2010 21:21:39
Congrats on the new house and everything Kitty! I'm pumped for the new features xD
By Humerus (#221) on 23-08-2010 21:23:57
Shoop da woop! Lets have her 2nd honeymoon!-dances on the server with a mirror ball-

And don't be worrying too hard Kitty... Spending time with your husband is a wonderful thing.
By Claritywind (#459) on 24-08-2010 03:52:10

have fun with married life :D
By NeoChaoticProxy (#1051) on 24-08-2010 05:57:45
can i be your replacement???
By New User (#2215) on 24-08-2010 15:04:09
Herbivores...? o:
I haven't been on long, but that sounds awesome. :D Glad to know you're back!
By Sen (#551) on 24-08-2010 18:31:45
Welcome back, and once again, congratulations! :D We're happy to have you back.
By New User (#345) on 25-08-2010 15:13:44
i missed kitty to and save us from kitei please
By New User (#1841) on 25-08-2010 16:21:35
how about some omnivores
By New User (#602) on 25-08-2010 16:45:37
Welcome back! -Dances about slightly.- It's good to see you around, and I am hoping you had the time of your life!
By Genet (#2251) on 25-08-2010 18:11:59
By Pandora (#58) on 26-08-2010 11:10:45
Welcome back, Kitty! :D
By New User (#488) on 29-08-2010 19:12:50
(Yes, this is alittle late)

WELCOME BACK! Wewt! -parrrty!-
Herbivores will be an awesome new feature here on Exhibited!