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Scales Bug!
Posted by Bob the Dragon - not a robot (#643) on 23rd May 2020
hey guys, just wanna pop in and say we saw that there's been some bugs with buying scales. If you've purchased scales and haven't received them, please submit a report with the amount of scales you're missing and we'll sort it out!

anyway, stay safe guys and hope you're all getting through okay in these weird times!
By Terra Greymane (#28475) on 2020-05-23 18:03:03
Do we send it to the mod box or under help? I submitted a help note under mod box. I never recieved my 5 scales even though my bank account was charged.
By bones (#38834) on 2020-06-07 10:37:15
same but mine was 16 scales
By Sei (#12969) on 2020-06-13 11:19:52
A little disappointed because no one has gotten back to me still. Kind of wish I could get a refund.