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Happy B-Day to Clara!
Posted by Bob the Dragon - not a robot (#643) on 29th Apr 2014
Today is our dear mod Clara's birthday! She's a sweetheart, so everyone celebrate by playing any nearby bagpipes you might happen across, and singing along to Kryptonite loudly in public if it comes up on the radio!

Also, her adorable Tartan Stego plushes are in stock today!

Either way, hope you have a great day, Clara c:!
By Skarlines (#25255) on 2014-04-29 14:21:34
Hah - I'm the first one. *g*

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Clara - Happy birthday to you!!!! *hugs*

I wish you love, luck, health and success. Have a great day, Clara! :)
By Satsu Ayaka (#379) on 2014-04-30 10:34:39
Happy Birthday Clara :D
By Dyr (#17) on 2014-05-01 13:38:13
happy birthday!