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Exhibited Press - Comments

Hello everyone! I still have a stomach ache from eating candy, so I hope everyone else is doing better than me this month :,D

It seems like Halloween went off well, and now the mods and I are gonna work on judging the dress-up contest I set up! We'll try to give you guys the results within a week

In the meantime, we bring you a new BG!

A Savannah background that looks better on dinosaurs that aren't this one, since he's blocking out the pretty tree with his chest, like a jerk. I recommend using this background on a dino with a lion mane overlay and singing "Circle of Life" while battling it. The savannah BG is stocking in the main background store for 5,000!

Also! New month means new monthly item!

By popular demand, we bring back the Herbivore Lake Planning Permission item!

The lake is a permanent herbivore enclosure upgrade that automatically waters 80 herbivores per day! It's a handy tool for relaxing like a pro.