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Halloween Events!
Posted by Bob the Dragon - not a robot (#643) on 17th Oct 2013
And so begins our Halloween partying for this year!

As is our annual tradition, we have a bunch of things to offer you guys to do :D

Club Wars!

Everyone has become some form of Halloweeny monster for the rest of the month! Score points for your club by using the right weapons against the right enemies! You collect items randomly by browsing the site.

On the 1st of November the winning club's team will award 2 scales to every player part of that club who participated (and attacked 50+ enemies). All the loser clubs will be given 20 tokens though! (If you attacked 50+ enemies).. So fight hard!


If you want to zombify your avatar, head to the Wardrobe and dare to click the button at the bottom! The effects will last till sometimes after Halloween

On the boards you can also infect other players, spreading the zombie virus around! You can't tag fully infected players, players who last tagged you, or players you tagged last. Each tag also -1 from your infection, so it pays to invite others to tag you!

The top 5 taggers on November 1st will be given 5 scales each.
-Official infection thread here
-Unders infection thread here

Trick or Treat!
Head over to the various Mod's pages if you want to try your luck winning a cookie from us, just be careful for tricks ;D

Pumpkin Carving!
You can grab pumpkins in the same way you grab club wars items and you can head over to the pumpkin patch to carve them!

Costume Contest!
My costume contest is still going on :D The entries I've seen so far have been awesome, so keep em coming!
-Overs here
-Unders here
By Shadowlight (#25257) on 2013-10-17 12:29:21
Yeah, my first Halloween-event here. That's great!!! *hugs all of you* :)
By Rudy (#14062) on 2013-10-17 15:54:19
omg in da picture da penguin haz a gun :D
By Mod Bob the Dragon - not a robot (#643) on 2013-10-18 10:32:48
while we don't support the use of guns for other purposes, we've found that werewolves seem to respond best to silver bullets!