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First of the Month
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Aug 2012
That's right, it's the first of the month! And we have some additions.

The new donation item for this month is the set of Dodo Eggs. You can use these to hatch a little flock of Dodos to raise as prey for your carnivores (or just for fun!). I think you'll agree that they are very cute.

Dodo Eggs Dodo

Also! We have trading cards!

At the moment there is one deck set available, and in a deck there are fifty five cards. You need to collect all fifty five in order to complete your deck. You can do that buy buying a booster pack of cards from the trading card store:

Booster Pack

Booster packs contain three cards.

You can access your current deck of cards from either map 3 or by clicking the link on your profile. You'll notice there are different categories for each card, and they are numbered 6-10. 10 numbered cards are the rarest to find.

The current card game isn't available right now but that's okay - in order to play, you will need a complete deck, so once we have the first few people with complete decks I'll release the card game with more information then. ;D

Have fun collecting!

As a note, I recommend doing a CTRL F5 (hard refresh) on your browser from the map page to be sure you're viewing the latest page.
By Fraoch (#20271) on 2012-08-01 11:39:17
Dodos!! Yay! :)

And there's actually going to be a game to play??? *drool* Needs to get me some cards. :D
By Awsomness46 (#9245) on 2012-08-01 11:41:43
give me give me give me
By Nano (#12631) on 2012-08-01 11:46:31

Dodo so cute!

I bought all of the card packs I could (without paying scales!) and I got cards 8 and up! (With one seven!) :DDDDD They're so awesome! (I got a few repeats, though.)

So expensive. But I am totally collecting them! Can't wait till the games!
By semi's side (#3077) on 2012-08-01 11:51:23
oh god Dodos ;_; WANT. And a good solution for all the folks who didn't want them as one of the big six! *glee* I wish I could donate this month but I can't! Will these be in the scale shop after this month?

*goes to check out cards*!!
By Sayl (#315) on 2012-08-01 11:55:04
Dodoooos. /dies/ I shall now collect cards
By 🐉Tysm🐉 (#6974) on 2012-08-01 11:56:41
got a card at 10!!
By Xylax (#12354) on 2012-08-01 11:56:48
o3o so awesome. CAAARDS

By Nano (#12631) on 2012-08-01 12:00:10
I got a Allosaur! 10
By Nano (#12631) on 2012-08-01 12:05:44
Oh, kitty?

Could you please make it so that we can view each others' decks? :D That would be great!
By Eltafez (#77) on 2012-08-01 12:15:47
Ffft, I'm guilty of going on a shopping rampage. ._.;
By Xylax (#12354) on 2012-08-01 12:18:25
I think we can, already, it's on profiles on bottom :D
By Xylax (#12354) on 2012-08-01 12:25:21
btw the dodo is so cute I instantly donated ;0;
By Nano (#12631) on 2012-08-01 13:10:38
Oh, I never knew that!

*Goes wild on Card Shopping, even spends scale*

hey, Acheivement: Card Addict! XD Yeah, I am totally hooked on cards, now XD
By Firewarrior (#15578) on 2012-08-01 13:16:31
Cool!! My two favrite things, technology and collecting somewhat useless stuff! Yay!
By Swift the Marauding Bard (#3575) on 2012-08-01 13:45:18
Glad that the Dodo isn't one of the Big Six! And still people can keep them if they want and it also makes more sense like this (herbivore).
Anyway, amazing stuff here.
By Nano (#12631) on 2012-08-01 14:16:44
What's this 'Big Six'?
Haven't heard of it :/

Oh, and does any one know if you can earn EXD by playing the card game? It'd be great if you could! :D
By Shadow Wolfess (#12329) on 2012-08-01 14:42:29
Must Have Do Do birds!!!!!!!
By Dark-Little-Darkling (#18388) on 2012-08-01 15:36:31
OMG! The dodos are so cute! I wish I could donate...

And the cards look cool, it'll be fun collecting them :)
By March (#15661) on 2012-08-01 18:02:38
Thanks so much Kitty!

Trading cards are awesome, totally unexpected~ I'm actually looking forward to getting all of them!

and oh my, dodos! They're almost so cute that you /can't/ eat them.
By Moosen (#3508) on 2012-08-01 19:11:12
do i buy the dodos in the store or do you earn them some how?
By leon (#2722) on 2012-08-01 23:20:30
By Selendra (#421) on 2012-08-02 01:56:53
This is amazing news :) I go to check cards now
By Dyr (#17) on 2012-08-02 14:13:04
Fffff trading exciting. GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL
By Firefox (#18105) on 2012-08-02 20:34:21
*Wants dodos* :0

The cards look amazing! Must get all... *Runs around crazily trying to get cards*
By leon (#2722) on 2012-08-03 01:59:42
Yay i got some dodos!