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New month~
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Aug 2011
A new month, a new donation item.

This month is the Super Grain!:
Super Grain

This will raise all herbivores in your herd by one grade each, not including A+ herbies.

You'll notice it costs $40 to get this one free this month, but that's because I want it to be rarer. It won't be going into the scale shop either, so this is your one chance. :O~

At some point this evening I will release six new herbivores for you guys too! I figure that while I'm working on the new layout I can still release species and items to you!

Six new herbivores, no museum entries yet.

Euoplocephalus, Fabrosaurus & Enigmosaurus.


Gravitholus, Edmontosaurus & Geranosaurus.
By Pideaux (#8001) on 01-08-2011 05:41:41
Eek - You have to release such an amazing item when I'm strapped for that much money this month, don't you xD - Can't wait to see the new herbies, one of my favourite aspects
By New User (#10942) on 01-08-2011 05:45:34
I love the picture for the Super Grain :P Cant wait to see the art for the new herbivores and eventually see the new layout ;)
By Spyre (#3768) on 01-08-2011 09:07:18
Kitty, you're spoiling us XD

i can't wait to see the new herbivores and more new layout things- even if I can't get the super grain!
By Mod Feather (#958) on 01-08-2011 10:21:15
thats awesome! 8D but i wish i could get some D8
By Elite (#4611) on 01-08-2011 10:53:47
Oh, very cool! Love the new Super Grain!

Also can't wait to see the new Herbivores! Sounds very cool! Might have to get some.
By Undead Soldier (#6674) on 01-08-2011 13:49:35
*wishes I had 1k to repedetaly donate a bit more then 40$ many times in a row*
By Topaz (#3906) on 01-08-2011 15:50:43
By Topaz (#3906) on 01-08-2011 16:03:35
I got the 1st Gravitholus Heard from the lab!
By Director (#307) on 01-08-2011 22:33:36
I love the Fabrosaurus and the Edmontosaurus!I love all things blue,so surprise surprise! XD
By New User (#10942) on 02-08-2011 05:49:25
WOW! The herbivores look AMAZING!!!
By Selendra (#421) on 02-08-2011 09:12:13
wow, nice work, the herbivors are cute =o)
By semisonic (#2475) on 05-08-2011 13:50:00
Completely looove the colors on Edmontosaurus @_@ *collects*
By Ankokou (#3281) on 07-08-2011 03:56:19
These are some of my favorites yet, they look amazing. As if I needed a reason to get them, but they do really look great. Enigmo is probably my new favorite, with it's lovely autumn colors
By Raziel The Demon Utahraptor (#11311) on 10-08-2011 07:05:47
i hope we can ge ta THERIZINOSAURUS soon!

it actually was never pointed out as a carnivore,or a herbivore.
so u could use it for whatever ya want :D
By Pandora (#58) on 13-08-2011 10:23:15
These look awesome. Thanks!
By Celeisha (#12416) on 24-09-2011 22:59:34
They look fantastic,please get museum entries in soon!