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Exhibited Press - Comments

Another Preview
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 18th Jul 2011
Okay, I really can't keep secrets, can I? XD~

Well, here you go guys. This is an example of how clutches will look on the new layout.

(click to enlarge)

I may be looking for some testers when I get more on there, actually, to browse the site and report any errors or things that might become annoying/difficult in time. I'll keep you posted!
By Mod Herbal (#4) on 18-07-2011 05:35:09
You are terrible at keeping secrets regarding Ex ;D

I love the clutches page. it even have a runt egg ;D
By Nanave (#7827) on 18-07-2011 05:38:21
I think it looks great.
By gowenna (#645) on 18-07-2011 05:48:14
It looks simply wonderful. I cant wait till its ready;)
By Nesferxty (#10174) on 18-07-2011 06:17:18
Wow! I agree, I think it looks amazing, can't wait to see it in action :]
By Téanna (#2028) on 18-07-2011 06:31:51
Wow! I can't wait for all of these new updates!
By Griffineer (#1210) on 18-07-2011 06:54:59
I love it! I hope you can finish it soon!
By New User (#9482) on 18-07-2011 07:17:49
Epic! I can't wait for the new layouts!
By Mod Clara (#2793) on 18-07-2011 07:25:30
By Director (#307) on 18-07-2011 07:42:59
Wow 8D I love it 8D Can't wait to see the incubators!
By Prince (#2625) on 18-07-2011 08:39:57
Ooooh my goodness this is gorgeous ;3;
By feralhydra 2 ( kristy XD) (#6068) on 18-07-2011 09:13:55
i like it , its neet .
By Mod Sammei (#243) on 18-07-2011 09:31:57
That looks awesome I can't wait for the new layout!
By Whitefire (#4520) on 18-07-2011 09:42:40
XD kitty, your like me. I can't keep secrets worth nothing.

*cough cough* I would love to be a tester *cough cough*
By New User (#7999) on 18-07-2011 10:12:57
Everything you are working on looks so cool. I can't wait to see it
By Guardian (#1932) on 18-07-2011 10:36:17
That is just so cute. ^.^ It is going to be even more fun picking out eggs from a clutch.
By Da-Sky (#3140) on 18-07-2011 11:28:50
awww... *a little disappointed that there's no genes on the popup menu* but.. xD whatever.

8D beta testers!! *flails all over the place*
By ~ LunaOfMidnight (#151) on 18-07-2011 12:13:39
Awesomness! xD
By Tea Kettle (#778) on 18-07-2011 12:26:23
It's absolutely BRILLIANT! =D
By Channah (#10498) on 18-07-2011 14:10:25
the problem with me is my dinos just had eggs and it didnt show up like that and plus i cant find my incubater anymore!!!D:
By Scaleeth (#10349) on 18-07-2011 14:37:08
Ohh, I'm so excited for this! :D
By Star (#1753) on 18-07-2011 15:29:54
I'll be a tester. =D
By krisym (#8887) on 18-07-2011 16:15:52
Ooooh, pretty. o.o I like it! :D
By Kisaruka (#10223) on 18-07-2011 21:17:59
wow!! this is a wonderful idea they should also have a new map when all of this is finished this will be the best virtual pet breeding game ever created next to dragonadopters
By Raven (#10049) on 18-07-2011 21:49:59
I love it!!! ;D PLZ finish this soon :)
By Rin (#8100) on 18-07-2011 21:58:52
Hm, think I'll try my luck and attempt being a tester... I was a beta tester for a site already once...

Anyway, great job! And it's cool, a V3 of the site... Prrr, I was here since version 1... but my stupid account was deleted, and- Not the right place to go down memory lane, sorry, guys. XD
By New User (#10555) on 19-07-2011 10:19:35
hi guys, I am new to the game. Can anyone tell me how to
get a dino?
By Selendra (#421) on 19-07-2011 13:22:14
That is absolutely awesome!! I want to be tester :)
By Clint (#7404) on 19-07-2011 17:51:16
Wow! Sweet!

It would be cool to be a tester! :D
By Frankie (#6808) on 19-07-2011 18:11:54
That looks epic.
By Bakura (#738) on 19-07-2011 21:25:46
Oh my God Kitty! =O AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!! =D
By Wolfie (#9179) on 20-07-2011 20:24:07
Wow! This is so cool, I'm so looking forward to the new layout, keep up the good work! :D
By 🐉Tysm🐉 (#6974) on 21-07-2011 15:58:31
i have been on here long enoghf to know the site inside out, almost as good as a mod, so, can i be a tester?
By Pepper (#7664) on 22-07-2011 14:43:00
Awsome! In case your looking for anymore testers, I would love to try!
By 🔥 ChildFire 🔥 (#6606) on 22-07-2011 15:32:53
i know this is besides the subject but will you please buy my dinosaur named Wildfire? She is in enclosure one and i would hate to put her to sleep. Please buy her. Help out a friend will you?
By gerbils94 (#5119) on 22-07-2011 15:53:20
i like it! can i be a tester?
By New User (#10957) on 30-07-2011 02:23:20
By Vivek (#4482) on 06-08-2011 19:57:45
Cool alot better than the old clutch page can't wait for the update:)