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Speed & pages?
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 26th May 2010
So there was a teeny tiny bit of downtime happening yesterday as I switched hosts. Robyn, the owner of Alacrity, kindly offered to share her hosting with me while EX gets back on its feet and I took her up on the offer. :) It's a dedicated server so you should notice that pages move lightening fast!

The coding that I use for the recoloring images isn't configured on the new server, so we're just waiting for that to be re-installed by the management team. So for the time being, dinosaur images are down whilst this gets rectified.

Along with the move I've finished off the scale page (you can view this now) and also redone friends (which you can't view yet). I'm hoping to finish off the enclosure accessories and equippable items store tonight before I go to bed, too. :D

Yay for updates!
By lemon (#110) on 26-05-2010 20:55:27
That was nice of her! =)

I like the scales page! Very orginized. ^^
By Humerus (#221) on 27-05-2010 06:41:38
That was really, really generous! Let her know that all of us Exians thank her with extreme gratefulness!