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Minor updates
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 29th May 2011
Some updates:

* The wishing well gives out slightly more items than it used to.
* All users can now edit their posts.
* Player shop search have a new look and new functionality. It's pretty neat.
* I think I'm almost ready to release overlays, many thanks to all our testers. :D
* I'm also about to change errands a little. I'm cleaning up the code primarily, but I'll also put in a drop down system where you can select which items you give to the NPCs.

That's all for now. :O
By Tinebrook (#5376) on 29-05-2011 16:20:59
cool!!!! cant wait for the overlays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Pizza Cheese (#6922) on 29-05-2011 16:21:39
Thanks Kitty! The non-upgrades appriceate it! ♥
By Alu (#3527) on 29-05-2011 16:25:12
Awesome! Great job as always C;
By Mod Feather (#958) on 29-05-2011 16:27:01
*super happy face* yay! thanks kitty! 8D
By Elite (#4611) on 29-05-2011 16:30:34
Thank you Kitty! I cant wait for the overlays! NAd I love all the new ideas! Great! I am super Happy! Thanks again!
By Nia (#8831) on 29-05-2011 16:32:19
Thank you for making posts editable! I keep messing up and not being able to cover my newbish tracks. XD
By Yoshi (#4174) on 29-05-2011 17:41:12
AWSOME!!!!!! I CANT WAIT FOR THE OVERLAYS! and kitty, you READ MY MIND! i was hoping that you'd change it so non-members can also edit posts! THANK YOU!
By sniutjie (#4198) on 29-05-2011 18:26:46
THANK YOU 100 times 1 million!!!!!!!!!
By Pod (#8632) on 29-05-2011 21:14:32 in a bit of ''warning trouble''.
By Puzzling (#1692) on 30-05-2011 18:40:17
Editing :O

*bows and worships*