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Exhibited Press - Comments

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 20th May 2011
Hello everyone! With the new EX-integrated overlay feature about to be released, I'd like to inform you of an incoming change:

I will be removing the option to change a dinosaur's picture. If this feature stays, there is no point to the overlay system. As it stands, creating an overlay and selling it on for profits is not allowed. But once this system is implemented, it will not only be allowed but encouraged - but it cannot exist at the same time as people being able to use their own urls.

For more information on the new overlay system, click this link.

Please be aware that dino images will revert back to EX standard ones soon, but I'll keep the URLs of images you've currently made and will display them in the owner area once I remove the option for changing pictures. :)

Edit: If, for example, you have a completely custom dinosaur image made for your dinosaur, don't worry. You can make that into an overlay and, as it will have a solid bg and not transparent, none of the old EX dinosaur will show through. When it's made into an overlay it will become an item you can equip to the dino. :)

Edit II: In reference to the above, yes, you can keep it exclusive for yourself also. Selling it on is completely optional, of course!

Edit III: Kitei (#5) has already started making overlays. An example of her latest one:

By Star (#1753) on 20-05-2011 02:50:44
Had me scared for a moment.
But I have to wonder, how would we show the current overlays we have for our Dino's? Im not just talking about the re colors either, I have several Dino's who have completely custom overlays.
So Im a little worried about that D:
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 20-05-2011 02:51:37
You can just make them as overlays and they'll turn into an item you can equip to your dino. As they'll be solid (and not transparent), none of the EX dino will show through. :P
By Star (#1753) on 20-05-2011 02:52:57
Ah, That takes care of that. =3

I image there will be an option for that overlay be exclusive so other people can not use it? (I saw somewhere that the artist gets 50% profits or something, I dont want that.)
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 20-05-2011 02:53:49
You don't have to sell it at all if you don't want to. You can keep it completely for yourself and just not enable the shop stock option. :D
By Star (#1753) on 20-05-2011 02:54:48
Alrighty, Thanks Kitty! =D
Those were the only things I was worried about.

Now to save all my Dino's Custom overlays. @_@
By Sen (#551) on 20-05-2011 06:04:37
Very cool! So, where can we view the interface for this nifty new feature (when it comes out)? Is it going to be a shop on the map, or what?
By Kitei (#5) on 20-05-2011 06:17:03
It'll be taking the place of the Image Gallery, since that is no longer in use. =)
By UnwrittenTale (#3511) on 20-05-2011 11:10:27
-Flail- I love you gaiez. XD

This is going to be some seriously epic stuff coming; I can feel it in meh bones. >D

Keep being awesome~!
By Prince (#2625) on 20-05-2011 11:54:35
This makes me very excited ;w;
By New User (#8252) on 20-05-2011 21:23:28
Shiney Evil Skull Dino make me very happy!
By Pandora (#58) on 21-05-2011 01:59:39
I was very skeptical at first, but I'm starting to love that idea. LOL. Thanks for the updates! ~
By New User (#7787) on 21-05-2011 02:45:52
Great! Thanks for telling us!
By Jade (#7902) on 21-05-2011 15:02:34
How would you put the overlay on the website? Is confuzzled. o3o
By ExorcistVoid (#3955) on 21-05-2011 16:58:35
im cunfused also?o.o
By Amy (#2899) on 22-05-2011 01:32:49
whats an overlay?
By Puzzling (#1692) on 22-05-2011 09:35:08
Exhibited just keeps getting better and better...
By Mod Feather (#958) on 22-05-2011 17:45:47
i can wait!! :3
By New User (#3805) on 23-05-2011 17:23:30
That's so cool but I have a quick question can you make an For more information on the new overlay system on the under 13's boards please? i would really like to learn more about it.Thanks.^^
By New User (#7322) on 24-05-2011 12:54:48
Kitty, can u plz put a description in our enclosures.
By New User (#7322) on 24-05-2011 14:23:05
Where do u get the overlay
By Yoshi (#4174) on 25-05-2011 04:23:26
By Enement (#3093) on 26-05-2011 01:44:49
Can we make overlays looking like items so it appears our dinos actually wear items?
By Kitt (#254) on 26-05-2011 14:16:10
Umm i don't get this or how it works or ANYTHING!
...Because I'm in the under 13s board i can't find out about it so....
By New User (#7322) on 26-05-2011 16:20:50
If I could make overlays, I would make a frill overlay for dilophosaurus
By New User (#7179) on 30-05-2011 13:47:21
how do you make an overlay??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????