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Exhibited Press - Comments

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 19th May 2011
Coelophysis has been revamped! It will start circulating in the lab again.

Big thanks to Tyme for drawing it, and Ank for making all the markings. :D
By Tyrannogon (#5461) on 19-05-2011 01:26:22
Now I want a Coelophysis! XD
By Alu (#3527) on 19-05-2011 01:58:37
Absolutely awesome, beautiful as always
By Ankokou (#3281) on 19-05-2011 02:01:44
Wonderful art as always Tyme. :D
Very swift looking and a wonderful addition to my collection of Triassic dinos... as soon as I can find some for sale.
By Frankie (#6808) on 19-05-2011 08:28:41
1 word: awesome
By Dawn (#8663) on 19-05-2011 11:52:11
this is so cool!!!!!
By feralhydra 2 ( kristy XD) (#6068) on 19-05-2011 16:00:51
wow it is very pritty i think i will get one or two :)
By RyanTheRaptor (#5629) on 19-05-2011 16:08:00
oooo, pretty.
By OkamiOchita (#1130) on 19-05-2011 18:52:37
love it!
Tyme and Ank,great job!
By Nightmarish Waltz (#5825) on 19-05-2011 19:29:39
Great, ANOTHER dino for me to start collecting D=
Looks awesome
By New User (#8860) on 27-05-2011 20:54:23
Wow! Like always you guys, awesome! You drawers are super amazing!
By Hiroxol (#15347) on 2012-01-09 06:54:33
I liked the old ones more.
By Tiroxin (#7615) on 2012-01-10 01:32:52
i want the old ones back!!!11
By AssaultTeam (#15455) on 2012-01-13 00:46:29
Why not revamp something that needs to be revamped,like Troodon.