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New Updates! Handy Tweaks. :D
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 17th May 2011
- Account settings has had a makeover.
- If you hover over herbivore counts, it will tell you how many thirsty herbivores there are, and the ages.
- Stats pages are now updated once a night. The sidebar hasn't been changed.
- The HOF is no longer live, but calculated once per night (at 2.30am EX time. :P). However, when I was doing this I made a couple typos so some dinos may have a bunch more days calculated to their HOF time. ALSO: only active dinosaurs will appear on the HOF now. No longer if someone raises a really awesome dinosaur and then leaves it to rot will it show on the HOF!

From what I can tell, the server has been speedier lately with all the little tweaks I'm making. Keep me posted with your comments. :)

I'm also doing lots of other things right now, so check back here every so often. I'll edit with more updates soon.

* Oh, and, prepare for a new layout soon. We have one in the works. Kitty has itchy feet again. ;D

-- Edit at 2.50pm:
* Scales page has a slight change.
* You can now buy one extra recurring lab limit that will permenantly +1 a month.
* The t-rex potion is in the scale shop.

-- Edit 18/05/11 @ 0:30am:
* Finally updated all the contest entries.

-- Edit 18/05/11 @ 1.30pm:
* You can now edit roleplay information, and roleplay characters.
* Fish food can be bought en mass. :P
* OOC Posts now bump RPs.
By Mod Clara (#2793) on 17-05-2011 06:44:37
I noticed the herbivore thing but thought it was just me not noticing it already being there XD very nice addition!

I also noticed the site has been staying a good speed, which is fantastic~
By Sen (#551) on 17-05-2011 06:48:19
Aww, that's great, Kitty! *hug* thanks, I always love to read the news--and thanks so much for implementing some of the suggestions that have been floating around the board lately. :) You work so hard for us!!!
By New User (#3805) on 17-05-2011 07:28:34
What's a HOD? Also I have noticed all those things but the dinosaur HOD thing. i think there cool thank you Kitie and the people who suggested them.
By Kitei (#5) on 17-05-2011 07:30:12
8DD The account settings revamp is soo perttyyy.
By Dratini (#1963) on 17-05-2011 11:39:27
I like the current layout though! Lol, i'm sure the new one would be awesome, but is it possible for us to be able to choose which layout we use when the next one comes out?
By Ankokou (#3281) on 17-05-2011 12:00:42
Thank you very much, all great additions. :D
I really like the HoF changes, I've been thinking about sending a couple of mine into storage while I raise a good mate but didn't want them hogging a position in the hall. Now I can without feeling bad. ^_^
By New User (#8252) on 17-05-2011 14:03:36
Yay! Updates! I do have to say thought, it works really well considering how many people are on! I can't wait for a change in layout! But if I may, keep the banner thingy at the top, i makes me happy:)
By RyanTheRaptor (#5629) on 17-05-2011 16:38:10
your optimization seems to be greatly improving server speed, and thanks for adding my suggestion :)