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Two Dinosaurs & Moods??
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 25th May 2010
So there's two new dinosaur images available right now - the Eoraptor and the Microraptor:


This means there's only the Dilophosaurus to come - but that will be very soon, too, as I've already seen the preview for it. ;)

But oh, what's this?

There's also now a new "mood" setting in your account settings!

Basics can pick from a drop-down list of moods to describe how they're feeling whilst upgrades can enter their own little message. Your mood will appear on your farm, the members online list, on friends pages and also on the boards. It's a nice little way to tell the world how you're doing. :)
By Coatlique (#97) on 25-05-2010 07:23:35
The Eoraptor is so pretty I need one now...
By lemon (#110) on 25-05-2010 10:02:11
Microraptor's legs are so angelic. xD
Ohsweet! I'll check it out!
By ~ LunaOfMidnight (#151) on 25-05-2010 14:45:41
I'm Eager To See Dilophosaurus! I Love The Eoraptor! ^^ Thanks Kitty! Oh, Are There Still Going To Be Herbivores And New Dinos, Too?
By Alwyne (#140) on 25-05-2010 16:06:58
:O they look great! XD
By Taiyles (#313) on 25-05-2010 19:12:46
They're great! Also, I love, love LOVE the moods idea.
By Humerus (#221) on 26-05-2010 08:17:32
And up goes the eoraptor on the popularity scale!