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chase's Graveyard

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ID Name Species Gender Died of
#151465 Released Dino Coelophysis Male of poor health.
#290475 Hare X Lumbie Dilophosaurus Female of starvation.
#290501 Sahara X Samuel Dilophosaurus Female of starvation.
#291147 Bruno X Jenessa Anchiornis Female of poor health.
#324712 Hail Velociraptor Female of starvation.
#444498 Electric Archaeopteryx Female of starvation.
#446376 Name Archaeopteryx Female of starvation.
#450028 Thorn Archaeopteryx Male of starvation.
#452759 Grant Dilophosaurus Male of poor health.
#454644 Flame Archaeopteryx Female of starvation.
#454778 Angel Dilophosaurus Female of starvation.
#456799 interactive Archaeopteryx Male of starvation.
#457078 Taxi Archaeopteryx Male of starvation.
#457895 Dino Egg Dilophosaurus Male of starvation.
#481745 baby eye Archaeopteryx Male of starvation.
#510456 cAa0-Heathblack Coelophysis Male of old age.
#510462 cAb1-Aubergine Coelophysis Female of old age.
#543856 Released Dino Dilophosaurus Female of poor health.
#544167 Celestial Spirit Albertosaurus Female of old age.
#560104 Corrosive Water Albertosaurus Female of starvation.