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dinos for lyfe xD
8:41pm Jan 18th, 2019
7:08am Jun 1st, 2016
Awesome! No problem
5:52am Feb 4th, 2013
I've featured Tyradin (NGP) as Quill's Mascot for the Day. Thanks for submitting him as a stud. :)
11:08pm Feb 3rd, 2013
oh yeah bring it on!!! I will a spammeh youz!
10:15pm Dec 31st, 2012
snowball!!! >=O
10:06pm Dec 31st, 2012
10:06pm Dec 31st, 2012
lol it was, entertaining........
9:59pm Dec 31st, 2012
Q^Q i thought it looked good...
9:57pm Dec 31st, 2012
*laughs, records and posts to youtube* Title- New Years M.T (Horrible) :P xD
9:56pm Dec 31st, 2012
*dances new years dance*
9:54pm Dec 31st, 2012
Happy New Year (first to post this year :) )
9:29pm Dec 31st, 2012
Quill Club has a Dino Beauty Contest: 1st Prize is $500K. :)
9:31pm Dec 23rd, 2012
Hi! Could you just PM me, because if we chat on here, I'lll get a bazzilion alerts
7:50pm Dec 18th, 2012
7:49pm Dec 18th, 2012
You`re welcome, and feel free to open it whenever you want. :)
6:39am Dec 18th, 2012
Merry early Christmas! :D
6:34am Dec 18th, 2012
1:42pm Dec 17th, 2012
:| never underestimate my dance skills. I am dancing like an alien that is pretending to be a ballerina
10:39am Dec 17th, 2012
oh wow XD
12:06pm Dec 14th, 2012
*dances to E.T by Katy Perry*
6:29am Dec 14th, 2012
nope thanks bling! ;)
5:47am Dec 10th, 2012
I posted on children of the stars, iz that rp dead?
10:41am Dec 9th, 2012
Theres a game I want.
5:46am Nov 30th, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving!
12:42pm Nov 22nd, 2012
lol ikr cora is so not doing any of her work
12:59pm Nov 12th, 2012
Piglet is sad because mean lady move seats! ;(
5:33am Nov 12th, 2012
wow Proto, stalk much? XD
2:39pm Nov 8th, 2012
What about the RP? You know the one that hasn't been updated for 48 hours?
2:38pm Nov 8th, 2012
good luck bling and you cant not talk for 1 minute
8:05pm Nov 6th, 2012
lol you got that right! XP but seriously good luck!
7:14pm Nov 5th, 2012
:D if i could talk, i could yell thanks out my door. Anyway, the doctor was all don't talk for three days at LEAST unless u really need to (teacher, though i might nod and shake my head) but 3 days!? i cant even not talk for 5 minutes!
7:12pm Nov 5th, 2012
aww poor brinana! Get well soon!
6:51pm Nov 5th, 2012
D: i lost my voice! and just when i was healing from my fever
6:43pm Nov 5th, 2012
sad *shakes head*
12:14pm Nov 3rd, 2012
>( ugg....ive been having typing difficulties lately....
12:13pm Nov 3rd, 2012
lol too ling?! Xp
3:00pm Nov 1st, 2012
>=( it would not, DL. I'd probally be yelling choice words at tit then! It took me too ling to defeat him!!
2:31pm Oct 31st, 2012
no :(
9:14am Oct 31st, 2012
did you hear the announcments?
6:58am Oct 31st, 2012
lol it would be HIlarious if he came back with like 12 arms
5:31am Oct 31st, 2012
XD i defeated the monster!! and i was soooo hype!! i kinda fell outta my chair....XD
8:15pm Oct 29th, 2012
3:11am Oct 29th, 2012
NOPE, all gone :/
3:21pm Oct 28th, 2012
=o elephant gummies too?
12:24pm Oct 28th, 2012
>:D you better not eat dem cookies! I also plan on bringing a whole thing of those little waffle/wafer cookie things either tomorrow or for the field trip
11:50am Oct 28th, 2012
Hey Chicken!! *waves* X3 if we have scholl tomorrow i might brng cookies for lunnch. If not bight have to hope i havent eaten them all...=)
11:38am Oct 28th, 2012
hi :)
3:48pm Oct 27th, 2012
3:47pm Oct 27th, 2012
really? I can dance a little, and I'm working on my acrobatics although I'm not that good
6:27pm Oct 25th, 2012
I'm having a dance team at school!!! XD
2:11pm Oct 25th, 2012
it feals so wierd with your new name bling
6:24pm Oct 17th, 2012
yes, yes I did. And yes, you can call me bling still.
6:39pm Oct 16th, 2012
omg bling you changed your name! ima still call you bling though!
6:06pm Oct 16th, 2012
See what?
6:02pm Oct 16th, 2012
we shall see..... -3- *fades into the dark*
5:54pm Oct 16th, 2012
No I didn't post oink on everyone's page(MT,PL, Blingnija)
5:48pm Oct 16th, 2012
Wow M.T! Did P.L tell you I said that?! xD
7:26pm Oct 9th, 2012
A broken clock is right two times a day....
6:16pm Oct 9th, 2012
hey DL and realy proto do yoy post oink on everyones page
5:19pm Oct 6th, 2012
5:27am Oct 5th, 2012
Hey RP buddeh! xD
4:29am Oct 5th, 2012
6:56am Oct 4th, 2012
6:35am Oct 4th, 2012
9:50am Oct 3rd, 2012
Hello DL!! =D *waves*
6:14pm Oct 2nd, 2012