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here, make a market sale for 4 scales, requesting 450k so we both get what we want
3:28pm Dec 15th, 2016
I dont trust people because of past things so just drop it if you dont trust me just breed
3:27pm Dec 15th, 2016
hey thanks i will give you 4 scales if you give me all the mou y you have now as long as it is alot what i am saying is how much mony you have and if it is alt i will give you 4 scales
3:21pm Dec 15th, 2016
omg i am so sorry i need 20 k more sooooooooooooooooo sorry
3:17pm Dec 15th, 2016
k but in all in need 250k but for the incloshure i onl need 50 k
3:14pm Dec 15th, 2016
its a hole bunch but i need 125
3:12pm Dec 15th, 2016
how bout this you breed with me and i will give you 2 scales so we win win i get another dime that i like and you get a extra scale but will you transfer me some cash plz so i can buy a new incloshure plzzzzzzz
2:58pm Dec 15th, 2016
thats not the one i wanted I will send back give me a new one
2:48pm Dec 15th, 2016
ok send over than i will send scales
5:53pm Dec 14th, 2016
Yes fine but will you wait two days till yu give to me i currently have a dino in the moving crate and ai cannot get out for a wile
3:15pm Dec 13th, 2016
Ok just transfer him/her to me and i will transfer you 2 scales
3:32pm Dec 12th, 2016
11:18pm Dec 10th, 2016
hey I will give you 2 scales if you transfer me one of the very young dimitrodons :)
11:18pm Dec 10th, 2016
Snowball fight to the DEATH!
4:38pm Dec 1st, 2016