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I'm sorry :( Someone already grabbed her.
9:57am Jun 26th, 2016
Hey; I have an inbred balaur who will be put down if she isn't sold. If you want her, you can have her free of charge being she isn't worth anything to me. She'll hatch in 2 days.
8:29am Jun 20th, 2016
Hi what for a T-rex>? BTW do you play Animal jam?
5:40pm Apr 8th, 2015
have the grapefruit juice item, which causes all your fish to breed, fish tank space permitting.
6:34am Mar 17th, 2015
Fish can breed if you have at least one male and female of the same species, as well as free space in your fish tank. They will breed automatically, whenever it's randomized for them to do so. There's no way for the player to control breedings, unless you
6:33am Mar 17th, 2015
Hey there! Books are sort of a thing that never got fully implemented. The library was supposed to be the bookstore, but with EXII on the horizon, Kitty decided to not implement books in EXI, in favor of working on EXII more.
4:04pm Mar 12th, 2015