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Yes, why yes I did. :3 do you like it? I worked pretty hard on it. ^^
10:30pm Jul 18th, 2014
Wait! No! I made it better. :3 a faygo bottle, and my scale mate! Do you like it? :D
8:00pm Jul 18th, 2014
Check out my shop. :3 I renamed it and took a picture of my big sis's empty faygo bottle. She drinks faygo. ^^
7:53pm Jul 18th, 2014
Ok. Just warning, though, there are many, many, many murders. O.O
10:10pm Jul 5th, 2014
Have you gotten to any murders yet?
9:56pm Jul 5th, 2014
Either terezi or nepeta. I've finished reading it, and I'm waiting for the update. :3
9:50pm Jul 5th, 2014
Awesome. x3 what's your favorite troll? ^^
9:45pm Jul 5th, 2014
could 1t b3? 4noth3r hom3stuck? :33
10:21am Jun 24th, 2014
You said that you needed a male Lolo? I can sell you one, if need be.
9:55am Jun 24th, 2014
Won't work. Once my sister fangirls over someone or something, there's no stopping her reign of terror.
9:48pm Apr 9th, 2014
My little sister just fangirled over you and then attacked me. Halp!
9:13pm Apr 9th, 2014
*feeds and touches the eoraptor then flies away* I DON'T LISTEN TO SIGNS WITH PAPER ATTACHED TO THEM!
8:24pm Apr 5th, 2014
6:57am Apr 3rd, 2014