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Thank you
9:58am Dec 30th, 2012
I'm aiming high for influential peeps to get others to support too
9:54am Dec 30th, 2012
Dinosaur suggestions. it's another big predator (sigh)
9:49am Dec 30th, 2012
Online People! I ask a small favor of you... SUPPORT TORVOSAURUS
9:45am Dec 30th, 2012
10:08am Dec 20th, 2012
I hear you. :) I'm definitely gonna put one of mine up. If you do too, best of luck. ;)
9:20am Dec 17th, 2012
Chase has a dino beauty contest for Quill members. Top prize: $500K. :)
4:48am Dec 17th, 2012
Howdy, fellow Quill Member. :) *wings snowball, scampers into burrow*
9:34am Dec 15th, 2012
Ehehe feel free to fire back! :D
5:56pm Dec 5th, 2012
I really admire you. You just seem like an awesome person. That's all. ^^
2:34pm Dec 5th, 2012
More snowballs! :D
3:54pm Dec 4th, 2012
welcome to quill
1:23pm Nov 3rd, 2012