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Nurit (#22009)

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Quondam Wilds Reserve Farm
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Joined September 10th, 2012

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"Blue!Ku thinks you should give him candy."
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do you have a fishing net???
12:50pm Jan 3rd, 2013
There you go! Hope you enjoy teh' chickies. ^^
10:38am Nov 6th, 2012
Naw, it's fine, I'll get over there whenever you're ready --- just let me know. :P
10:12am Nov 6th, 2012
Gonna be on till 12 my time (so about 45more minutes? :P), so yes, I'm on for atad longer. ^^
10:10am Nov 6th, 2012
Hey thanks for buying things at my shop also! I really needed to get rid of those things XD
2:11pm Oct 31st, 2012
Thanks for buying things at my shop. :3
11:11am Oct 27th, 2012
good day to you sires
8:16am Oct 20th, 2012
Sorry about not getting back to you on your Bambi-dino-request, I've been offline for awhile, lol. Anywho! I'd be willing to stud to him, defiantly. ^^
10:33am Oct 10th, 2012
I will when I have time, thank you
8:34am Oct 10th, 2012
Is that ok with you?
6:32am Oct 10th, 2012
Yes, I have. I just have not had the time to come around to PMing you back. I have a life outside of exhibited, plus school I have to deal with. I'm sorry. I may be putting all of dinosaurs in the reserve except for my carnotaurs and baries, which I may s
6:32am Oct 10th, 2012