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Lol No need in anything your all good, I just wanted to give you some since I knew you wanted some. ^.^
1:15pm Feb 27th, 2017
Lol I just bided on a heard of deer. It's fine though, cause I don't like over flowing of any species so it would take space, that's why i'd be giving you some.
11:21am Feb 27th, 2017
Actually I got my bf to purchous some scales for me once these grow and have more babys I was gonna give you some. :3
9:16am Feb 27th, 2017
Yeah they are pretty good to have, I can't afford scales so i'm trying so hard to get a few. Good luck to you in this bidding. :3
7:53pm Feb 24th, 2017
Also it's fine on the herby thing im just trying to get those deer looking things at least one
5:23pm Feb 24th, 2017
Thanks for the offer, I would be happy to collab for some gene perfect rex's since i'm not gonna battle until I get a gene perfect one to make on the boards.
5:23pm Feb 24th, 2017