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"you only live once ❤"
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Uuuniii... We need you to ost on your rp...
5:36pm Jan 14th, 2014
Tiny pic is awful! I'm SO sorry about the tag I gave you. Over half my tags are gone or are something I do not own! D;
6:46pm Jan 9th, 2014
The prizes are things that people will like, like maybe oranges. People like oranges last I knew. I'd want to enter if the prize was oranges
7:24pm Jan 4th, 2014
I'm cool with any sort of pestering at this point! Contest has been babbled about often in modland, so it's taking a real nice shape so far.
5:12pm Jan 4th, 2014
I made an app on your rp :3
5:52pm Jan 3rd, 2014
Yay! :3
4:54pm Jan 1st, 2014
It's ok! :3 I'll make it free. :3 since it's your first tag from me.
4:52pm Jan 1st, 2014
4:50pm Jan 1st, 2014
Here is the URL again, just incase I talked to much. XD
4:49pm Jan 1st, 2014
I'm not sure you can cancel... But I can out bid it for you. :3
4:44pm Jan 1st, 2014
4:42pm Jan 1st, 2014
(You put the URL in the 'make a tag thing' on the tags page to make it show up) :3
4:39pm Jan 1st, 2014
If you don't like it, you don't have to pay me, but you could keep if you would like...
4:34pm Jan 1st, 2014
4:34pm Jan 1st, 2014
I is finished with your wolf! :3 here is the URL. :3
4:32pm Jan 1st, 2014
cool I'm going to watch the ball drop soon
5:51pm Dec 31st, 2013
7 more for me ;3 I wish it was 11 already
5:41pm Dec 31st, 2013
XD okay.
5:35pm Dec 31st, 2013
Happy newyear!"
5:32pm Dec 31st, 2013
5:30pm Dec 31st, 2013
Hello! :3 I was going to breed some of my female demetrodons with your male, rock blood... But it says it's to hungry. XD If you want, I can send you some grade A+ herbivore meat. It makes them have 70+ up on hunger! :3
5:26pm Dec 31st, 2013
No problem! :3
4:52pm Dec 31st, 2013
I'm not sure I can add the lightning in... If i do it's gonna look pretty bad. ^^') anyway... It should be ready by Tommorrow. :3
4:41pm Dec 31st, 2013
I'll try. :3
3:23pm Dec 31st, 2013
What animal or theme, I meant. X3
7:16pm Dec 30th, 2013
I mean theme
7:08pm Dec 30th, 2013
What animal or them would you like it to be? :3
7:08pm Dec 30th, 2013
Umm... I was wondering if you'd like to buy a tag for 20000$? :3
7:03pm Dec 30th, 2013