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Viewing Blingninja's Farm - The Bling Nation!
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Welcome to the Bling Nation; a zoo where you can view wonderful dinosaurs. And you say,"And I thought they were exstint..." Curretly I am working on a Cartousarous project, I am trying to get alot of them so I can do a blingit supersale!!! Still enjoy the farm!

The top 3's

Be sure to check these dino's out Beauty of East Foldncut Zebro They are the top three dinos. If you want to breed with them, message me! Hurry, before they are all studs for 2,000!


We are sorry, but Bling Nation National Zoo is not resposible for lost of limbs, face,glasses,hair,jewlery,family, you, items or friends.If anything bad happens, its your fault because you need to read the rules. And if you sue us, You are gonna lose cause I have ten lawyers. thanks, and have a akward day.

Gift Shop

We will be putting more items in the gift shop. Perfect for your or your dinos! We also do occasional deals and holiday sales. Coming soon is the halloween clearence. Yeow! Also, we aren't responsible for ridiculusly high prices.


you are welcome to breed but message me first. Some dino breeds might cost you, because I need the money for the farm needs. If their is one you would like to breed but isn't a stud, message me. Most of the time i'll say yes, but will have to look at the dino you wanna use. Also we are not responsible for failed breedings

In all

So enjoy the look. And for the last time, we are not responsible for anything bad happening at the Bling Nation National Zoo. Thanks and have fun! And you thought they were exstint

Best Friends.

Mystical Tigress, Purplelover, Cora-raor...but these are my best friends...


Go to the gift shop or message me You are Jolteon:
You are Jolteon:
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You like to have fun, what can I say? A lot of people don't like you for no reason exept that you are different, but who said thats a bad thing? Electric Power!









My wonderful place to get meat(and cool hervibores to look at)