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Viewing Levi's Farm - Nightside
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Welcome to the Nightside.
Have a look around, I specialize in raising high quality Linheraptors. Though i do dabble in breeding a few other of the big carnivores ;D

Navigation ~ Looking for something specific?
Strangefellows ~ Genetic Perfection
Under construction
Prometheus and Darkholm Projects ~ The Big Boys
Side hobbys from linnys, I also do like to to raise Carnos and recently the Dimmies.
Dimmies are all found in the Prometheus Project.
Carnos are all found in the Darkholm Project.

Name Code Legend ~ Wth does BiC and ! mean?!?
I use a few codes in naming my dinos to help keep me on track.
Breeding Lingo
! ~ means gene perfect
* ~ From an outside farm or White colored
:AC: ~ Near white markings (common marking, if its heavy marked the label is :AH: instead)
:WC: ~ True white marked common, if its heavy marked the label is :WH:(ffffff color code)
BlC, TrH, LeN (etc, etc) ~ These are marking codes. The first two letters is the marking type. Le = Leopard for example. The last letter tells the marking intensity, C = Common, H = Heavy, N = None.

My Goals
To become one of the best linny breeders in Exhibited
Linnys are my favorite breed of raptor here on Exhibited. I want to make them the best that they can be c:
To become a reputable breeder for clean genetics
This is an ongoing goal, I want to breed for quality rather than quantity. I obsesses over perfect genetics simply because its one of the few things you can't fix with a potion.
The first perfect raptor to be born here :D John Taylor He will be missed, rest in peace beautiful.

If you have a particular interest in any dino on my farm that you wish to use as a stud, send me a pm and we'll talk XD Don't worry, I don't bite.
I do have a few rules though.
1. Your dino MUST have similar genes to the dino you want to stud it to. No more than a 1-3 letter difference.
2. Your dino cannot be inbred at all. It will be automatically rejected if they are.
3. If you dont wish to pay a stud fee Im always open to splitting clutches. I generally let the asker get the first pick, though rarely I might request to have the first pick depending on the dinos. I will ALWAYS let you know who gets first pick BEFORE the breeding takes place to avoid any confusion.
4. Only dinos that are off limits is John Taylor, or any of his clones (only under special circumstances will I allow a breeding with him.) and any female that is over 73 days of age.
5. Have fun :D
If you are only asking for stud with the sole intent of selling the chicks YOU WILL BE DENIED!

Art Status - (CLOSED)
My deviant page if your interested in commissioning.
My Commission thread is here
Currently full at the moment.
Its ok to prod me if i owe you artings.

If you're encountering problems or issues and i'm not logged on here, you can find me at :D

1A Londinium Club

2A StrangeFellows

3A Prometheus Project

4A Darkholm Project

5A Hall of the Honored

Saint Judes




A1 Rampaging Long Cats

A2 Ponies n Deer

A3 Spare

A4 Spare

A5 Spare

A6 Spare

B1 Spillover

B2 Spillover

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