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Viewing Spotty's Farm - The Waltzing Crab
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Welcome to The Waltzing Crab!

Welcome aboard! The Waltzing Crab is home to most species of carnivores found on the island of Exhibited, taken to sea to grow vast in number

Use the different tabs to navigate the information that the captain offers, depending on your need.

Males: Most males will be set for 10k. Exceptions are really good males or new species, which will have information in their enclosures.
Females: Request a breeding by sending me a message!
Note: Inbred dinos are marked as such, every now and then one does slip by. Their prices are not changed.

Spotty's Shorthand
You will find the variety of dinos on board having odd attachments to their names. This is the captain's shorthand.
First slot: Who's the breeder
[S]: bred by me. I own both parents, and if the parents are still both alive, I can breed you a look alike on request.
[P]: bought or given. This is a dino where both parents are not on board, unless a parent was bought. They will still be marked with [P], however.
[B]: A dinosaur bred with one parent from the Waltzing Crab, and the other parent from one of the many farms of Exhibited.
[L]: Lab created dinosaur. Either custom or randomly generated.
Second Slot: Rage
Rr: Dino carries rage
rr: Dino shows rage
Nothing labeled: The dino is rage free.
Third Slot:Marking
[Bl]: "Blank", there are no markings on this dinosaur.
Fourth Slot: Inbred
A % sign before/after a number will represent the inbred percentage. Dinos without this are 0% inbred.
Fourth Slot: {Gene Perfection}
Gene Perfection is defined as one gene off from perfect, resulting in NGP being in the slot. Two to three genes off will be considered AGP, or know as Almost Gene Perfect. More than three will not be recognized.
A way I think of the two is: NGP takes one genertation with a GP to have GP chicks, AGP takes two generations to become perfect.
Sooner or later there will be {Blank}, this indicates that the dinosaur has no genes at all, shown or carried.
Fifth Slot: {Eye Colors}
Dinos marked with this are dinos that don't have the normal eye color. Special dinos that were put on the site after the eye color release will have all eye colors marked.
{Alb} Albino
{Blu} Blue
{Bla} Black
{Bro} Brown
{Gre} Green
{Ora} Orange
{Pur} Purple
{Red} Red
{Yel} Yellow
{Whi-___} White eyes, with ___ genetics.
Note: White eyes are a physical cover up of what the eye color should be, there is a random change that an egg in any clutch can have white eyes, even if there is no dinosaur related to the eggs that have white eyes. White eyes appear on a dinosaur, though the genetics will say otherwise. This is what is used for breeding, which is why the second color will be provided.

Contacting the Captain
You can pm me for just about anything:
*Selling me your dinosaurs: PM me for details.
*Asking for a breeding: Just shoot me a message, telling me the name of the dino (You don't have to use the shorthand) with the dinosaur you're providing. We will work out split clutches/prices through pm.
*A mistake on my behalf on my own farm, or if I made a mistake somewhere out in the boards.
*Scales!: I'm always buying scales, contact me if you have any for sale. I will buy scales at 350k each.
*Storage: I am constantly selling things off from my storage. Contact me if you are wanting to buy something. Meats will not be sold. (Chunks of meat, herbivore meat, ect).
*Pretty much anything! However:
Do not message me asking if a dinosaur is for sale, unless you have seen the dinosaur(s) in question in a sale thread, or in a pack titled "Sales".
I will, however trade dinosaurs, though I will be picky.



Megas 101-200

Megas 201-300

Megas 401-500

Megas 501-600

Megas 601-700

Megas 701-800

Megas 801-900

Megas 901-1000

Megas x1001-1100

Megas x1101-???

xx-Sick Bay 1-xx

xx-Sick Bay 2-xx

xx-Sick Bay 3-xx

xxx-Battle 1-xxx

xxx-Battle 10-xxx

xxx-Battle 11-xxx

xxx-Battle 12-xxx

xxx-Battle 13-xxx

xxx-Battle 14-xxx

xxx-Battle 15-xxx

xxx-Battle 16-xxx

xxx-Battle 17-xxx

xxx-Battle 18-xxx

xxx-Battle 19-xxx

xxx-Battle 2-xxx

xxx-Battle 20-xxx

xxx-Battle 21-xxx

xxx-Battle 3-xxx

xxx-Battle 4-xxx

xxx-Battle 5-xxx

xxx-Battle 6-xxx

xxx-Battle 7-xxx

xxx-Battle 8-xxx

xxx-Battle 9-xxx


Cycle Meat




Stegos- Spare Meat