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Viewing NeoEmo's Farm - Fossal Range
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Hello and welcome to my page, my name is NeoEmo. I have decided to start over on raising dinos and have gotten a few in my farm.

Ok, so i have three original characters i am using as tags on here. My first made was Kyii the male cat with many forms but does not speak. Then comes NeoEmo, she is a cross between a human and a cat. Last on is Luna, a male OC of mine that is a wolf.


this is NeoEmo and her pet Kyii.



Tags/Art done by other :D



This is for my tag character: To explain a few things about my character and their art sceme. Ok first their original form is a black cat with neon green eyes, neon green ear tips and tail tips. My character is so small, he can fit into the palm of your hand. He is also a shape shifter and can turn into any animal or creature. He is mute and can not speak and when he likes a form he will stay that form for quite some time. His name of course is Kyii :).

Allosaurus Valley

Carnotaurus Forest

Spinosaurus Forest

Euoplocephalus and Camptosaurus