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Viewing Mystical Tigress's Farm - Through the Shadows
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Hey, my name is Mystical Tigress, but M. Tigress or M.T. will be fine too. My favorite color is green and black. I love to laugh and hang out with my friends. Please check out my shop "Darkness" to buy some great useful items. Theres just one more thing to remember: don't get to close to the enclosures. The dinos: NOT TAME!!!! XD :)


Fallen Angel(#283), DinoLover(#4089), PurpleLover101(#6001), Cora-roar(#6452), Blingana(#8091), Protomanoo(#8611), jt(#8807), Nia(#8831), Awsomness(#9245), angel(#13238), .


Currently I am working on getting all rares. Some dinos will be being sold on my side account from time to time. The species vary from time to time so we might not always have the same species being sold. The dinos that I breed arent up for sale but if you ask, I might be willing to consider it. Also, feel free to request a breeding from one of my dinos as well but I wont be breeding any dinos over the age of 70. I will also be working on a few projects that are coming along quite beautifully :). Most of my dinos will be at my other farm (#14094) for the time being. ^^


Feel free to pm me anytime! I dont bite but the dinos might!

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Carnotaurus's Place


T-rex's Place

Shadows Place

Winter's Place