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Viewing Aero's Farm - Pangaea Fried Raptor
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Note: I do NOT feed my studs daily. I need to conserve herbivores, so all of my dinos normally get fed when they are hungry. If you would like one of my dinosaurs to breed with yours and the stud is hungry, feel free to message me and I will feed the stud. I normally log on multiple times daily, so I should see your message fairly quickly. Also, I will not breed females over 70 days old except for myself. I'd like to be able to keep their last babies.

Acrocanthosaurus Pen

Albertosaurus Pen

Allosaurus Pen

Dimetrodon Pen

Spinosaurus Pen

Tyrannosaurus Pen

Ankylosaurus Enclosure

Barosaurus Enclosure

Dodo Enclosure

Enigmosaurus Enclosure

Fabrosaurus Enclosure